Alright Bab?


My name is Amy Eliza and welcome to my blog!

I don’t know why I feel so nervous about this but maybe because, I have always wanted to blog for so long but felt I never had the confidence to do so, what do I talk about? What will people think? But the thing is as you get older you just don’t give a shit anymore! It’s been on my goal list for quite some time now and I think it’s about time I struck it off the list.

What’s Bab About Town about? What to expect?

I have always wanted to start a lifestyle blog based around Birmingham, I have lived here my whole life so I think I am qualified for the position but I also want it to be personal to me and as I do a bit of travelling, there will be reviews and photo diaries of places I visit. I have a variety of passions in my life which I will include in my blog.


I work full time in civil service, but I am also a self-employed photographer. This is also something I have put off for so long and decided 2 years ago that I want to take it up professionally and I am doing really well! I am a lifestyle/portrait and event photographer based in West Midlands, if you like to see my work please head over to my photography page where I will blog about photo shoots, editing tutorials and give monthly updates on Amy Eliza Photography


Its where I have been my whole life and I bloody love it here, So of course, I will be talking a lot about Birmingham. There is plenty to do here, and it never tires, always somewhere to review! You’ll be seeing Birmingham related posts from Restaurant/event reviews to photography in Bum posts and more.


A lot of people know me for my obsession with charity shops and finding garments worth a lot of money but brought for penny’s. I am an expert on this and want to get people more into this as I am often asked about it and the look on people’s faces when I say I rather shop in a charity shop than Topshop is priceless. Not only with clothes, but with furniture and home accessories, you may learn a lot with me!


Its everyone’s passion in life, right? I love hunting down arty farty cafes and weird & wonderful food, I particularly love afternoon teas and sushi. I am not a food blogger, but I know good food and man, I like to eat.

LipstickIts good for the heart.

How can lipstick be a passion in life?


Everyone knows me for wearing lipstick, and I have an obsession with red lipstick. Its probably the only thing I feel happy about paying full price on nowadays…and food. I am often asked by family, friends, strangers and Nans about my lipstick, I can defiantly hook you up with the best! Health is important to me too, not many people know that I suffer with a yeast allergy…Yeast? Whats yeast in you ask me? ITS IN BLOODY EVERYTHING!

The struggle is real.


I have been to some amazing places so far in my life, when I tell people they can’t believe what I am telling them so now I can show them all to you especially the crazy travel stories! Holidays, city breaks, days out I’ll be documenting/reviewing it all for you.


The love of writing started around 12 years old when I started writing in diary’s and creating scrap books this then progressed to Piczo websites *Sigh* where I felt bit more confident to show friends and then after that, I grew up. Friendship groups changed, Puberty happened, and Relationships happened. I guess a lot of my past knocked my confidence around when I was young but now, I am 27 years, I am grown, I’m independent and quite frankly, I don’t care. I don’t need to keep things bottled up and I don’t need to hide what I want or love to do anymore. My friends say I have a lot to say and a lot to give, they often come to me for advice and Although this is not an agony aunt blog, I want people to take some joy with them from reading my blog.

WARNING: Honesty is the best policy

I am pretty much an open book, and I want the blog to be open and honest like me. I don’t want people to tell me “you can’t swear on a blog, its unprofessional” …Gordon Ramsay swears for a living, he spits fucks all over people’s food for god sake, he’s a millionaire, let’s not start hey? but that’s me, I can be a bit of a gobshite but I promise you, I am the most wonderful gobshite you will ever come across.

My first post, done! Hopefully you all have an understanding of what to expect, I am quite excited as I have a lot to share with you guys! If you have any suggestions for blog posts, please let me know! I am also open to collaborating so please get in touch and email me


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