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Welcome to Bab about Town, your lipstick smudged Guide to Birmingham and Beyond! I have got you all covered here Bab when it comes to Brum, with news of the latest openings in Birmingham, Reviews of our amazing independents (and exciting newbies too!) Some pretty handy guides to help you out when it comes to Birmingham (Great if your new to the City) and of course, a bit of Brummie banter that we all love! It’s not all just about Birmingham, so if you love a bit of travel, photography and TMH (That’s too much information if you don’t know!) Then I have also got you covered.


Sadly my real name isn’t Bab, it’s Amy. I am 29 years old and I am based in Sutton Coldfield just a 10-minute drive from Birmingham. I currently working in Civil Service and do Blogging part-time, I also am a photographer and if you like to see more of my work you can check it out here

I love Birmingham, I have lived in Birmingham my whole life, from begging my Mom for a Pick N Mix at the Woolworths in The Pallasades to sliding and almost breaking my vagina on the slippery floors of Snobs to now getting lost every time I go to the worlds biggest Primark in Birmingham. I love everything about my City, The Good, The Bad and The Not So Pretty. I love the independents, I love the food, the people, the architecture, I could go on all day, Birmingham is bloody great Bab. I had all this passion for my City, so I grabbed my camera went out snapping and when I came back I started writing and so, Bab about Town was created.

I mainly blog about Food which is a massive passion of mine, I do like to stuff my gob quite a bit but I also love discovering new Independents, exploring Cities with my camera, bagging bargains in the charity shops and being 100% honest…[Insert Warning] This blog is 100% me, I come with a rated 18 certificate maybe even a 21 certificate if there is one…I swear a bit too much, I may talk about farts too much and when it comes to dating talk…well just, just read it you’ll see…It’s important to me to be 100% real with my readers, no holding back. God, I hope no one is disappointed!


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