MY LIST:30 things I want to achieve before turning 30

Every birthday I reflect on what I have achieved in the past year and every birthday it almost feels like a dark cloud coming over and you suddenly realise…shit, I am getting old. Now it’s not all doom and gloom getting old, there are some perks and one of them is that you finally figure your shit out. Usually, life can throw “distractions” in the way and one of them for me was my 7-year relationship. Now I am not going to say it was negative because it wasn’t and my ex-partner is a fantastic person but I will say it was a distraction for me. That’s what happens in relationships you get so caught up with the other person that you kind of ignore what you “really” want in life. Soon as I came out of that relationship it was terrifying, I was comforted for so long that I felt alien to the situation. I’m on my own now, I have no one to answer to and it’s just me myself and I, so what if  I “wasted” 7 years of my life? Those 7 years taught me what I want out of a relationship and what I don’t want out of a relationship but 7 years is precious time so what am I going to do?

I am going to do what the f*** I want to do for once.

So I decided to put together a list of things I want to achieve before turning 30, I am 28 now so I have two years to achieve them. “Never dwell on the past” they say, that’s impossible because we spend most of lifes dwelling on the past but what we can do is change the present and the future. By learning from our past and getting up off our arses and doing the things we have always wanted to do. So, here are 30 things I want to achieve before turning 30 and some that I have already achieved in the past year.

  • Move out– This is something that I could do now but I want to actually own my place, So i’m currently saving saving SAVING!
  • Start a blog
  • Start up my photographgy business
  • Write and film a short film/advert
  • Caring more for my body e.g. Tackle the yeast intolerence diet.
  • Pass driving test- driving has taken a back seat for a while because I have always had a phobia of driving (long story to explain why!) but now I am pretty confident on the road but I’m pretty sucky at manoeuvres because im such a short arse, I can hardly see anything! Next year is my year to pass!
  • Travel to New Zealand– may need to get over my phobia first of snakes.
  • Learn to cook a BAD ASS ROAST DINNER
  • Go to an elephant orphanage
  • Attempt the vegan diet or cut down on meat.
  • Overcome my fear- absolutely petrified of snakes but I want to overcome this!
  • Host a buffet party
  • Give back- Charity
  • Travel America
  • Get back into running
  • Do the sutton Coldfield fun run
  • Change career
  • further my blogging career
  • further my photography career
  • Focus more on videography and create more video content for my photography business
  • Buy a car
  • Visit Amsterdam 
  • Go on a digital detox weekend away
  • Create my own photography book of Birmingham
  • Learn to put on a good buff like the famous Marisa Langston buffet
  • Jump more often
  • Build something- a piece of furniture maybe?
  • BE MYSELF- build that confidence and believe 


24 thoughts on “MY LIST:30 things I want to achieve before turning 30

  1. NZ doesn’t have any snakes! One of the only places in the world, so no excuses there. You should absolutely go – it’s a beautiful country! Such a great list. I hope you get to tick some more off soon x


  2. Can I please join you on your trip to Area 21?! I think this list is a great idea. You have inspired me to write a list in my journal myself.
    There is nothing stopping you from achieving all of these! Go you!!


    1. Of course you can aha! every one I have mentioned this to thinks im a bloody weirdo! I think everyone should have one, keeps you motivated and feels great ticking them off!


  3. This is an amazing list and it’s great to see that you’re already making headway with it. I love that you’ve got both fun and work orientated goals, and that a fair few of them are out of your comfort zone.
    I don’t know how long you have to achieve your list, but I hope you have loads of fun doing it!


  4. I definitely wanna do a digital detox! even though a weekend might not be enough for meXD

    Cate ღ 35mm in Style


    1. Thank you lovely! I have already scripted my short film/ad im taking the plunge and jumping more! I’ve started to cut down on the rubbish I eat and blog/photography is getting bigger every day! So im chuffed so far but still more to be done! Big plans next year 👍🏻


  5. I absolutely adore this post. The only person we need to be pleasing in life is ourselves first and foremost. I hate the idea that there’s a big rush to do certain things by a certain age. These are all fab personal goals to be setting yourself an I hope you achieve them! You’ve made a great start already xx
    El //


  6. This is such a cool idea! I used to create bucket lists as a child but for some reason I never stuck with them. I’d love to try it again sometime.
    (Also I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Your photography is also so good!)


  7. I’m 26 soon and I’ve been thinking what the f have I done in 26 years and what I want to do before I’m 30. It’s good to have goals in life 🙂 x


  8. I’m glad you are not letting your past define you or got you stuck in your past but you are moving forward. Everything we go through teaches us lessons in our lives. You are young and brilliant keep attacking your goals and even if you don’t accomplish them all by 30 you still have time best of Luck happy holidays and happy new year!


  9. Love this mini before your 30bucket list! So many amazing ideas and I wish you all the best and hope you achieve them all!!


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