Leamington Spa is like a second home to me, you will often find me on weekends heading up to Leam rummaging through the charity shops, trying out new coffee shops and shopping in their great independents. For those who don’t know, Leamington Spa is a spa town located in Warwickshire, home to the gorgeous Jephson Gardens, Iconic Royal Pump rooms and Samuel Lockhart’s elephant trail. A beautiful Spa town that just oozes character throughout and offers so much for a fantastic day out for all to enjoy. Whenever it’s for a bite to eat, taking the kids for a day out or just finding a quiet spot to relax, Leamington Spa is the place you should put on your list to visit. So, where do you start? From unique independents to new expiring culinary openings, your Bab has got you covered when it comes to Leamington. Here are my favourite spots/hidden gems in Leamington Spa for you all to check out this month!


The newest attraction to Leamington Spa is The Neighbourhood which is a street food dining venue where independent food companies join forces to cook up a storm and serve up meals you wouldn’t find in your local Asda. The Neighbourhood is located on Warwick Street opposite Coffee Architects their previous location and now, Coffee Architects is based in the Neighbourhood meaning YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET A SEAT NOW. The biggest pain with Coffee Architects is the food is incredible and the whole of Leamington Spa knew it so of course, you have a whole ship of people flocking there before silly old me comes trotting along from Sutton Coldfield. The coffee is fierce, the cakes are delicious, and the food is B E A UTIFUL! The new location is thriving, and I know, it will do amazingly well in Leamington Spa, the problem is I have to pop in every time I come into Leam and have a couple of dishes there (guaranteed you will be stuck for choice) which means piling on the weight on this big booty of mine…YIKES!


Berylune was once crammed into a little blue terrace house, it was impossible to move around without knocking into someone’s bottom. Now Berylune’s new location on Warwick Street is just up the road from the previous building with lots of room to browse this wonderous little gem in Leamington Spa. Berylune is an independent craft and gift shop which makes it the perfect place to be different and purchase unique gifts for your loved ones. The owners here are a ray of sunshine, always smiling, always happy and always helpful, every time I go into Berylune even if it’s raining, they manage to convince me the sun is shining outside. A must visit in Leamington Spa for all.


One of my favourite things to do in Leamington is to go for a walk through Jephson Gardens and stop off for a coffee and a bite to eat at this darling cafe. They serve marvellous coffee/tea, delicious light bites (vegan and gluten options are available) and they offer a peaceful environment to work or to meet up with friends in whilst surrounded by artistic decor. I also would like to mention that the staff are pretty great and always comment on my lipstick…they know good lipstick! Whenever you are in Leamington, this is one of the places you most definitely should try out, a lovely gem.


I do love my fashion and I adore small independent fashion brands that you wouldn’t see in the high street so Lilac Rose is the perfect store to find something a bit different! I find myself in here just dribbling over the dresses, the patterns, the fabrics just the uniqueness of it all, however, its not just a store for clothes. Lilac Rose also offers lovely gifts from jewellery to bags, if you are looking for something a bit different, Lilac Rose will help you find just that.



They drip, they ooze and well, let’s not turn this into a porno but these burgers are the shit. Last time I was at Libertine Burger I had a No.25 which was a signature beef patty with crispy smoky bacon, dripping stilton and red onion jam…now isn’t that just sex on buns hey? I find myself often refusing to leave Leamington without gorging on a Libertine Burger because quite frankly, they are the best burgers you can find in the Midlands.


Step into the world of FEMME with this little number in Leamington Spa, I have never stepped into a restaurant and been greeted by a bathtub full with balls before…Oh wait yes actually I have. HART + CO is what you call an “Instagrammable” spot with neon lights, pink lattes and props that will make you Instagram POP! HART + CO is not just offering you unique photo opportunities for the gram they offer out of this world food and creative cocktails, I mean a cocktail served in a Chinese takeaway box is AMAZEBALLS if you ask me. The cocktails are fun, refreshing and full of ZING Baby! The food looked incredible however I never managed to taste it BUT I will be doing a review of the Brunch this Month so keep an eye for it!


From the outside Fat Birds Cafe seems to hides itself well in the high street however I call it Leamington Spa’s very own secret weapon. I have tried the breakfast and lunch at Fat Birds Cafe, both meals have soared past my expectations and really, I deserve a slap in the face for judging a book by its cover because Fat Birds Café serve exquisite food and deliver high standard service. You must try the cakes, all freshly baked offering gluten-free and vegan options.The prices are very reasonable for the food portions you receive here, the service is quick and the atmosphere is very relaxing. You are sure to leave Fat Birds feeling very satisfied.


A much-loved favourite in Leamington Spa and is one you have to set off early to so you can grab a seat. For 3 years I have been trying to get a seat in Warwickshire Street Kitchen and in December I set my alarm for 8 am, I pre-ordered my train tickets and I had my sweat pants on that I must admit, I burnt a bloody hole in where my butt cheeks lay because of the speed I was going at but all worth it as I finally got a seat…HOORAH! Well worth the wait for a good ol’ hearty breakfast to warm the baps on a winter’s day, I would recommend the ham hock, hollandaise sauce with poached egg it was utterly divine. I always pop in here for the Coffee which is brewed to perfection and grab a homemade bake in which don’t get me started on the cakes! They are a bloody treat. Another fantastic place in Leamington to eat!

I will be adding more to the list so keep an eye out over the coming months, there are more gems to be discovered in Leamington Spa and I am here to tell you about them, so keep with me Bab and subscribe.



  1. So many lovely food places! I keep hearing (and seeing) HEART+ CO and really need to take the trip there myself.


  2. get me on the next train to LEMINGTON SPA lol
    You’ve really sold this place to me! It seem absolutely lush and i really need to get myself down there for a weekend! I’ve never really heard of this place before (only once or twice) but wow!
    Brb finding a train & airbnb as we speak!
    I love the sound of everything, especially the shop ‘Lilac Rose’ – my kinda shop!
    Thank you so much for sharing!! *-*


  3. I’ve never been to Leamington Spa but it looks like a gorgeous town with so much to see and do! This post has made me incredibly hungry with all those tasty looking meals and snacks. I would loveee to have some of that flapjack!! Thank you for sharing all your recommendations Bab, it looks like you have discovered so many hidden gems! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  4. Wow all of these places look absolutely amazing, especially the avairy cafe it looks so cute and very cosey. Thanks for sharing x


  5. I love Leamington, I don’t spend nearly as much there as I work like to but Jephson park is one of my favourite places.

    I love Coffee Architects, I am long overdue a visit x


  6. First of your photos are amazing and love the edits. How do you edit them?

    Hart + Co as wells as Warwickshire street kitchen looked lovely especially that cinnamon sugar doughnut just looks delicious. Thank you for sharing would definitely hunt these spots when we visit Leamington Spa.

    Amalog –


  7. Another place to add to the list of places I want to go when me and the boyfriend finally get time to go to England. I swear the list is growing so fast we’re gonna need a month to see it all.

    Thanks for sharing. It all looks amazing


  8. I have never been to Lemington Spa before but it looks wonderful! There looks like there is so much to do too and Berylune is super cute I wish I lived closer so I could visit!


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