2020 has well and truly shat all over our lives with the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s turning out that many of us will have to switch off the light and close the door to society outside our four walls. Whether its two weeks, a month or three months of isolation, how the hell are we going to survive without Saturday’s nights in Be at One [insert troll face]

From concerns of isolation resulting in feeling lonely and depressed, this is the time we must come together to help one and other, two words that have summed up 2020 so far, Be Kind. So far, the community of Birmingham coming together to support hospitality business’s in the City has been a beautiful sight to see, from donations to media coverage it really does prove that the community will come together to pick up those who are suffering to help them back up onto their feet again. Even to those who are isolating, restaurants are now offerings deliveries, neighbours offering to go food shopping and strangers just checking in. It’s going to be tough, but it’s important to keep busy, isolating doesn’t mean you can’t speak to anyone and it doesn’t mean you have to completely shut out the whole world. There are many things you can do, things that will get you excited and motivated for the future. There maybe things that you haven’t had the time for and now you can finally do, so here are 10 things that I came up with that you can do whilst isolating.


For now, many businesses have closed their doors but still offering the option of online shopping, takeaways and deliveries. You can always support these businesses behind your computer screen by sharing content via social media, purchasing gift vouchers and personal donations. If you don’t want to see our independent’s disappearing from our streets then do visit them, buy something or purchase a gift card and use social media to promote them. It’s not just the independents who are suffering, it’s the elderly as well who many live alone, have no ways of transport and are vulnerable. I have seen on social media that many neighbours and even strangers are contacting their elderly neighbours to check in with them and see if they need any supplies then delivering them to their doors. A beautiful gesture that goes a long way to some as your face may be the first face, they have seen in a couple of days even sadly weeks.


“It’s too long, I don’t have time for it”
YOU KNOW NOTHING, BAB. now it’s your chance to crack out those bloody long boxsets and watch them with your loved ones. It’s like Christmas but without the presents, 100 buffets and Mariah Carey…it’s like going back to the Jesus days oh wait, he did put on a fantastic buffet spread before he…Let’s just go the next paragraph, shall we!?


All those new year resolutions that you swore to yourself you would do in the year 2020 (lose some weight and become a Victoria Secret model) but still haven’t done as your still warming up for the year well we could just scrap that as we have already failed and start again, right?
Who knows what this year will have install for us…well at the moment no toilet rolls.


Clear and breath Honey! let’s dive into that wardrobe and finally get rid of that booty call outfit that you had plans for about 10 years ago. The thing is you don’t have to just get rid, you can make a bit of profit from your clear out. Of course, Car boots are a great way of making a bit of money but due to the virus, these are to be avoided. What you can do, is sell online on websites such as Vinted, Depop and eBay. I use vinted a lot to get rid of clothes and accessories I don’t need anymore and I make a nice little profit. If the money doesn’t matter, you could always advertise on social media and give to those who could make use of it.


As mentioned above, you can make a nice little bit of income at home. Something I have actually thought about is dog sitting I mean, I do love them more than people so me and dogs watching Housewives of Atlanta would be the perfect isolation plan.


You don’t have to go to the gym to feel good. Last year I did a yeast detox, I didn’t go to the gym, I went for a jog every day and cut down on rubbish. My skin was clear, I lost a stone within two weeks and I felt pretty sexy. I was starting to show a bit of skin but not too much Jesus, this isn’t a meat market! Just an arm or a leg. It gave me confidence however, I sadly fell back into my bad ways so at the moment I feel like an orangutan. Now, I have no excuse’s so I’ll be squatting and doing laps in the garden for The Victoria Secret show…[Insert Troll face]


No, none of that makes sense I was just trying to be all arty-farty with my words but now is the time to try something new! Hobbies are never-ending from baking to adding to your cotton wool collection…okay, I made it up but if extreme ironing is a hobby then I’m sure as hell collecting cotton wool can be too. It keeps you busy, it gets you excited and who knows, you might be able to make a career out of it.


Isolating yourself doesn’t mean closing the door to your room and cutting off all communication. You should be talking to your friends and your family every day! Get on skype with your friends you could play a quiz, watch a film together or you could just catch up. It’s important to talk and check in with one and other as isolation can harm us all. We may feel lonely, sad and not communicating can cause boredom leading to focusing on the negativity in our lives. Check-in with everyone, If you live alone you might want to jump on social media, Bumble for friends and various chatroom apps. Remember it is important to talk if you are feeling the effects of isolation, don’t feel embarrassed as we are all going through this togeather and we are here to support one and other.


Missing the drama in your life? well, you can always just recreate it on the Sims and get carried away for about a year. You could create an episode of Coronation Street which is actually thrilling in the game of Sims, you could build your whole life on there if you wanted to however It’s a bit weird when you’re talking to friends or family that you know that you have killed them a thousand times on the Sims and they don’t even know.

So there you have it, but I would love to know what you have done so far in Isolation? Leave me a comment below and remember, to stay safe Babs!



  1. You have some very unique suggestions here. I haven’t played Sims in years! And I definitely think it’s important to support local businesses anyway you can and to stay in touch with loved one. Nice post!


  2. Great tips! I was just talking to my partner yesterday about getting the Sims back on my computer. I have worked from home for a few years now but still feel I want to do something extra during this isolation time. I’m thinking more baking and maybe some photo book making! Also love the idea of doing a big clear out. And I’d agree with GoT, but maybe not that last season…


  3. I noticed myself having a bought of anxiety over the weekend as a result of the news, the virus, etc. I’m going to kick it into high gear focus on my blog, get back into exercising etc. I’m still not going to watch game of thrones though lol.


  4. YES especially to playing The Sims, hahaha. I’ve spent most of my weekend playing the Sims 4 because I had nothing else to do and because it’s enjoyable, haha. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed this post a lot!


  5. Great advice. I’ve never watched Game of Thrones so maybe now is the time! I’m also an avid Sims 4 player and have managed to get some of my friends downloading the game recently – it’s perfect escapism from this craziness.

    Kate |


  6. Absolutely love Game of Thrones! Finished it when the series ended, but have been thinking of starting it over. I loved The Sims when I was growing up, you’ve made me want to play it again!


  7. These are some great ideas! I’ve been keeping busy recently with homework from my college classes and playing a ton of games (Sims 4 will be joining the list soon). Since I don’t have to attend classes for the rest of the semester, I’ve also picked up knitting again.
    Jordan |


  8. I downloaded Origin and Sims 4 a while back when they were offering it for free and completely forgot that I had done that until the other day – perfect surprise during all of this!


  9. This is so well written, love the idea of downloading the sims to get back into real life. I’ve been taking in new craft kits and trying them out – it’s a really odd year.


  10. Great suggestions here! I’ve been catching up on TV series and blog reading, cooking which we kind of neglected lately and actually reading! A couple of weeks aren’t too bad when you think about all the things we don’t normally have time for. We’ll see if this goes on for a few months but I agree, keeping in touch with your loved ones and friends is extremely important.


  11. I think I’m one of the only people who didn’t start baking up a storm when COVID hit and everyone stayed home! But that’s really because I already bake my own bread and cook most meals at home anyway! Baking bread was hard there for a while because there was no yeast or bread flour to be found.


  12. Yesss I love the feeling of the New Year for a good clear out and I did it at the start of the first lockdown too so I’m sure I can find some more things to sort through now!


  13. Love this so much! I especially love your point about starting again and supporting small businesses – I think it’s a time for us all to help each other as much as we can xx


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