So, for the past three months, I have been quite a busy girl supporting my independents and helping those who are isolating with putting together information on how they can get in their weekly shop, keep active, and seek free advice. So many Fantastic businesses agreed to be part of The North of Birmingham blog post and it has received a pretty amazing and overwhelming response by so many people. I can see so many of you using the blog daily and it is fantastic to hear that so many of you have said the blog has opened up their eyes to wanting to shop more independently which was the aim!

I regularly post about my food deliveries via social media and a lot of you have been wanting to know what independents I would recommend and what are my favourites. So, I thought why not put together a blog post of all my favourite independent food deliveries I have had in lockdown. I regularly review restaurants, venues, etc so why not start something new and review at home?! From scrumptious cakes to fantastic DIY food kits, it seems Bab about Towns blog has been burning a hole in your pockets for the last three months and apologies, the hole is just going to get bigger after reading this post!


Silver Tree Catering is a catering company based in Sutton Coldfield, who decided to deliver essentials such as fruit & veg hampers and treats to those in isolation. They have a variety of hampers on offer from Breakfast to Cheese hampers. My first purchase with Silver Tree Catering was the cheese hamper and the fruit & veg box. I ordered before 12 pm and it came the next day. The fruit & veg hamper offered a great variety of fresh produce, very impressed with the quality and the hamper lasted for around three weeks. The cheese hamper was just amazing, a great selection of cheeses with crackers and pots of chutney with grapes. It was nice sitting out in the garden tucking into it, it was like we were transported to a wine yard in Italy until I heard one of the neighbor’s shouting in a Brummie accent “Are you making a Brew Bab?”

I have ordered from Silver tree a couple of times (I regularly buy the freshly baked bread, and the cream tea was delightful!) and will continue to do so because they are so professional and the food is high quality, just fantastic value for money. I can tell there is a lot of passion and heart that’s gone into their products, so I am happy to support a hardworking business that deserves all the gratitude that they deserve any day

Order from Silver tree Catering here


In the words of King Curtis “Chicken Nuggets is like my family” but more so “What the Cluck is like my family” This right here, is the breadwinner, my absolute favourite takeaway I have ever had and boy, I’ve had a bloody lot in my time, These guys smashed it. I ordered the chicken strips platter which comes with fried cauliflower covered in Buffalo sauce, BBQ pit beans, house slaw, and the sexiest Mac N Cheese I have ever tasted jeeeeez getting me all hot & bothered over here woo! What The Cluck didn’t just impress me but impressed my fussy bugga of a Mom who now withdraws her statement that “The Bingo is the best place for Fried Chicken” now Its “What The Cluck is the best place for fried chicken” so we have an all-round winner!

The process is very simple, simply order via their website, choose what platter you want, What The Cluck will then send you a confirmation email with the date and time of delivery. When the food arrives its just a 20-minute oven job and that’s it. Super easy to make, super service & super satisfied, bloody well-done Guys that’s how you deliver a bad boy feast!!!

Order from What The Cluck! here


Fancy getting your freak on?
Well, now you can at home with these fine buns! When The Patty Freaks announced they were delivering to Sutton Coldfield it caused an outcry of cheers and relief after the devastation of losing our beloved M&S for good and the closure of TGIS [Insert troll face] due to Co-Vid. as a town we needed a pick me up and wow, did the Patty Freaks deliver!
Full of juice, dripping with flavour and topped with sexy buns, and gone within 10 minutes. The loaded chips are heavenly, just oozing with sauce. Oh yes, The patty Freaks delivered alright, and may I mention they delivered HOT and ON TIME food, I was given a time slot between 4.30 and 5.20 and it came dead on 4.30 so fantastic service and what a bloody treat this was! ⁣I ordered the following:

The O.G burger: Bacon, cheese, ketchup, mustard mayo and pickled onion.

Sweet Freak burger: Bacon, cheese, peanut butter, caramel waffle, and chilli jam.⁣

Cajun chips⁣

Loaded chips with bacon, cheese, crispy onion, and BBQ sauce

You will need to keep up with them via social media to find out when they are next delivering and a little advice, be quick! these bad boys are like Willy Wonka golden tickets so don’t be a bad egg and feel too disappointed if you miss out because they are also popping up now and again at Digbeth Dining Club!

Stay up to date with The Patty Freaks and Order here


This kit comes with a parental warning as these buns are well naaaaaughty! Stripclub Streetfood is a very popular vendor at various food markets over the Midlands especially at Digbeth Dining Club, you will often have to queue but that first bite though is worth a thousand queue waits, trust me. So when Stripclub Streetfood announced they were back on selling burgers the whole of Birmingham kind of just lost their minds a bit…

Okay so it’s not ready-made burgers delivered straight to your door but they have come up with a fabulous idea of putting together these awesome burger DIY Kits in which, you can get down and dirty with, and attempt to create the worlds dirtiest burger, I was up for the challenge. You have all the ingredients you need and instructions to follow, you can make the kiss XXX or biscoff burger or get creative and do what you like! I think this is a fantastic kit and I really do hope they stick with it because I really enjoyed it and my family members loved taking the piss out of me getting all Gordon Ramsay on their ass.

The kit is priced at £40 and To get your hands on one of these kits, you got to download the app which you can find here and place your order just like that!

Really fun, really creative, and really bloody delicious these burgers. Get the family involved, get your mates involved, and just have a couple of beers and relax eating some seriously amazing burgers.

Stay up to date with Stripclub Street Food and download their app to order your DIY burger kits here


This was a first, an afternoon tea delivered to my door and I can tell you, It certainly won’t be the last. If you know me, you know I am a big lover of afternoon tea so when I heard you could get an afternoon tea delivered to your door, I first called BS and then slapped myself silly after receiving the amazing service that I received that day from Bite me Cakes.
The afternoon tea comes all prepared, from finger sandwiches to mini desserts just the perfect size, and just the way I like it! The afternoon tea that I received included the following:

A very generous portion of finger sandwiches with a variety of fillings: smoked salmon, chicken, cucumber & pepper, and cheese.

Scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Scones just needed to be heated up in the microwave, no fuss.

A great variety of cakes and treats such as brownies, lemon drizzle, chocolate strawberries, and more. all ready to be eaten and tasted fresh so simply serve.

Bite me Cakes caters to vegans as well, I didn’t opt for the vegan option but there were still lots of options for veggies and vegans with the afternoon tea we ordered. So this afternoon tea can be enjoyed by all, also any other allergies need to be addressed to Bite Me Cakes as they can also cater to gluten-free and dairy-free.

I was absolutely impressed with the service, the quality was fantastic, the variety was there and the amount we got, still a family of three could not finish it. Very simple to order just message Bite me Cakes and await your delivery, I was kept informed on the day regarding the time of delivery which was very helpful. The sandwiches were really tasty, the scones are big but soft and buttery, and the desserts are sweet yet VERY Satisfying and the brownies were oh so gooey! A hassle-free afternoon tea that would make the perfect treat to invite your friends and family over and to enjoy all together. So impressed, and you made our afternoon really lovely, so thank you so much for the incredible service and amazing afternoon.

Order from Bite me Cakes here


New to Sutton Coldfield, Veeru’s is an Indian street food restaurant offering mouth-watering street food from Punjabi Wraps to Speciality naan pizzas! unfortunately, they didn’t have a chance to do a proper opening due to CO-VID but it didn’t let it stop them and opened up their delivery and collection services. I have had three takeaways since opening and every meal has been sensational, full of spice, full of flavour and just fantastic! My favourite dish I would say is the lamb kebab (got a nice kick to it!) but I also had the mixed grill the other week and wow, best-mixed grill I’ve had in a long time and the portion was so big that three people couldn’t even finish it.
I will say that delivery time was a bit long (1 hour 20 minutes) but if I’m getting amazing well cooked and full of flavour food then I don’t care about the waiting time. You can pre-order with Veerus so maybe this something for you to consider but this is a new business that has had to think fast on their feet and adapt to change to survive, and although waiting times are a little long, I think they are doing a fantastic job giving the people of Sutton Coldfield some bloody fine and fantastic Indian street food to enjoy in their homes

Veerus really did exceed my expectations, the quality is superb- second best to non and has quickly become my favourite Indian takeaway in Sutton Coldfield. I just can’t wait for the restaurant to open, a fantastic new addition to Sutton Coldfield that will no doubt in my mind will thrive.

Order from Veerus here



    1. Totally yummy article. That’s good you warn us beforehand. Good thing I just had my lunch. All i want right now is an afternoon tea to be delivered. Lucky you! We dont have it here yet.


  1. This whole post looks so damn flavourful! Already started urging for those mouth-watering eats. Thanks for sharing 😊


  2. These all look delicious! That has been one silver lining of self-isolation! We’ve supported the local economy with takeout a lot more than we normally eat out in a given month!


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