Disgustingly satisfying burgers, over the top fancy cocktails, and a bathtub full of balls? Welcome to the NO BASIC BITCHES ALLOWED Club. You can’t miss the neon signs, the pinkness, and the jaw-dropping cocktails, this isn’t no basic bitch restaurant Bab! Located in Leamington Spa and tucked away on Augusta Pl (just look for a pink sign) step on through to the world of FEMME celebrating the power of FEMALE! This restaurant just screams girl power and is a must-visit for us girls to meet up, have a bitch, with a couple of prosecco’s in hand or by the end of it…all down us!

From mountain high Mummy Harts roasts to colourful brunches where you can pimp your burger or eat a stack of rainbow pancakes, Hart + Co means business when it comes to having fun and eating good food. On Saturday, my Cousin and I decided to try out the bottomless brunch for £30-£35. We were running a little bit late due to the changes of train timetables, when we informed Hart that we were going to be late they were very accommodating and told us not to worry, our table will still be there waiting for us.

Arriving at Hart & Co, they took our names and walked us over to our table which was under a beautiful pastel display of balloons. The tables were spaced out and social distancing was taking place so straight away I felt very safe in there. We were then approached by our server who asked us what drinks we would be going for, we opted for the beer bottomless brunch as the last time I had prosecco it was a complete and utter disaster…I lost my trousers…like seriously.

Our server then went through the house rules “Don’t fall asleep” “Keep your glasses topped up” very tongue and cheek, and straight away creating that fun experience! We were advised it was table service only, ordering food is done via Instagram. The brunch menu was to be found on Hart & Co’s Instagram story displaying the options for brunch where you could choose from waffles, pancakes, burgers, etc. Ordering your food, you would need to confirm the table number and your order via Instagram message to Hart & Co, very different but also something that maybe the older generation may not like due to not having social media however I am sure Hart & Co would take the order there and then.

The beer was served straight away after house rules were explained and they were HEAVY! I do love a good pint of beer, but this was like two pints in one! Very generous and very satisfying, ice-cold just the way I like it! 

Looking around, every table was full of girls, it made me realize how bloody loud us girls are! Sometimes It was hard to hear but when you are in a room with girls and unlimited prosecco, what do you expect?! The layout of the restaurant is very FEMME, Walls covered in Pink, some feminism artwork scattered around that tied in really well with the restaurant, and fun props such as a bathtub full of balls which is set up at the front of the restaurant where groups are invited to take photos accompanied with a selfie light however Due to CO-VID this was sectioned off but still plenty of photo opportunities to have here!

When it came to ordering, I went for the cheeky Hog burger, a beef patty with lots of cheese, chorizo, bacon, crispy onions and topped with brioche. My cousin went for the Cheesy chap which is a beefy patty smothered in all kinds of cheese! Within 20 minutes of ordering the food arrived and…Dayum.

I swear to you, this is a burger alright! It was monstrous! Swamped in chorizo, cheese, onions, and just pure delicious FILTH! Of course, I could not finish it with a side of “basic bitch” fries but it was pretty fun to tuck into especially been given some gloves to try and hack the mess of eating it. The beef was cooked perfectly and what an experience to trying stuff all that in my gob! 

Soon as the food arrived, we were asked if we wanted another beer, so they do keep you topped up quite well here and the staff are bloody lovely.! Filling up quite quickly with the massive portions and unlimited beer, this is one brunch where you won’t be leave starving and running to McDonald’s. 

I will say it was very HEAVY, very heavy, an overload of carbs and meat and within five minutes I was stuffed. Dining at Hart & Co was so much fun, the brunch is pretty impressive, fun, creative, and massive portions with a quirky twist, I will be honest it’s not my favourite brunch I have ever had but it was definitely an experience and it tasted delicious! We had a lot of fun here and that’s what Hart & Co is about, having fun and eating good HEARTY food.

The cocktails are next level, cocktail in a chinse takeaway box? out of a Russian doll? They certainly do pull the phones out of your pockets! 

Many may look at Hart & Co as just another Instagram restaurant to lure these IG kids in to take photos all day, yes everywhere you look is an Instagram worthy post but What I love about Hart + Co is that they are creative and fun with food, they dare to be different, I mean, Who thinks of a spaghetti Bolognese burger?! Only Hart & Co…

They care about their guests, and they want us to have fun whilst tucking into some seriously amazing food and sassy cocktais! An experience that all must experience visiting Leamington Spa, and an independent that is bound to be loved by all for being so EXTRA and fabulous!

Hart and Co are offering their bottomless brunches every weekend, please head on over to their social media page here to book. If you fancy a fun afternoon out with the girls with lots of bubbles, sterling food, and smiles for hours, then make sure you book in with Hart + Co, you won’t be disappointed…Okurrr!

Amy Eliza


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