Introducing a vibrant new independent to Birmingham located in the Great Western Arcade you’ll find The Pineapple Club, A new bar that is currently slaying the Birmingham bar scene. Neon lights, pink interior, art deco furniture and the Basic Bitch photo opportunities to be had here, The Pineapple Club is bringing the EXTRA that Birmingham so badly needs!

Opened in September, bookings are filling up quite fast so I managed to book in for early October on a Friday from 5.30 pm to 7 pm for drinks and food. Arriving at The Pineapple Club you enter into the shop where they sell a variety of wines and cheeky alcohol beverages, looking a little bare yes, but its quality over quantity here Bab and there is quite the impressive selection of booze on offer. Walking up the stairs you are hit with botanical and pink neon scenes that is sure to make you eye lit up!

Straight away, this place oozes sexiness and style, So stylish with the 1920s interior with art deco styled furniture throwing in a bit of futuristic neon creating those Instagram photo shoots opportunities. We all are a sucker for a little of neon and pink so straight away my eyes lit up to this and got me quite excited!

Sitting down at our table we took a look at the drinks menu which is very impressive, you got your basic bitch cocktails like Pornstar Martini but then you got your fancy and creative cocktails such as candy club punch and Kawaii Milk. If you don’t fancy a cocktail you can always opt for Wine and beer. They also provide non-alcohol cocktails and soft drinks for those who fancy a quiet one or don’t drink alcohol. In regards to the food menu, they do a good selection of Spanish tapas inspired small plates from meat dishes such as chorizo to vegetarian dishes such as Colombian Arepas with guacamole. We did worry a bit with the amount of food we were going to order as the table was quite small so we did ask if we could change tables however this was not allowed as all tables were booked up.

For the drinks, I ordered a Candy club Punch, Beefeater pink gin, fruit wine, cranberry and vintage candy cordial, so fruity, so sweet and so satisfying. Very easy to drink too however could be going down the dangerous route as I was drinking it like fruit juice!  For food, we ordered Gambas al Ajillo (prawns), chorizo, chicken skewers, Colombian Arepas with guacamole and the cheese board for two. The lady who served us was very informative, one of my friends only eats Halal meat so she was very helpful in advising which dishes would be best to eat such as vegetarian dishes.

The food came within 15 minutes, and it was quite the squeeze fitting it on the table however we managed it. The chorizo dish was beautiful but it never came with sliced bread in what the menu said (however we did ask for this and it came straight away, no problem)The prawns were cooked to perfection, couldn’t fault them and full of flavor. Colombian Arepas was surprisingly delicious (it was the least dish I was looking forward to) and the portion was pretty generous!

Unfortunately, the cheeseboard was a little bit disappointing in regards to size and variety, I expected more cheese’s and more meats HOWEVER what was there was delicious, just could do with a bit more variety. The cheeseboard also came with pickles and breadsticks, there was nothing to dip the breadsticks in so to me, it was quite random, it would have been better to have a dip (aioli) or freshly baked bread to put the cheese and meats on top. Early days of course for Pineapple Club but maybe these things can be considered.

The meal came to £60 between three £20 each, which I was very happy to pay and really enjoyed the meal. If you’re looking to improve your Instagram game and chill out with a couple of cocktails and eat some good food hit this place up! It is really thriving and quite busy in there, but no wonder, they got it right, Brum needed something like this. We need more neon, botanical, fancy pink interior and basic bitch vibes because let’s face it, we all have a basic bitch in us and we bloody love it!

There is no doubt in my mind that The Pineapple Club will continue to succeed and become a much loved independent in Birmingham by Brummies and travellers to our City. Thank you to The Pineapple Club for having us and Welcome to Brum Babs!

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