Green’s is a chic cocktail bar based in Mell Square Centre in Solihull. They have just launched their new ‘Bottomless’ experience and I was kindly invited to be one of the first to try it out. Now I am partial to a boozy brunch  but there is so much more to this experience then just getting punters trolleyed. The details, the effort and the thought that is behind this experience puts it right at the top of the best bottomless experiences I have ever had…Intrigued? Let’s do this… 

Please note that this experience was gifted, and this is my honest opinion. 

Green’s latest boozy experience Bottomless gives you 90 minutes of unlimited drinks alongside a choice of grazing board and daiquiri soaked strawberries and cream for just £36. First impressions upon entering the cocktail bar is that it’s gorgeous. Insta-addicts will be scrambling for their phones as soon as they step in due to the eye-catching Blossom tree centrepiece. Suede seating, marble tables, an art-deco inspired bar and lots of botanical vibes; oh yes Green’s likes to make a dazzling first impression. 

Your 90 minutes start soon as your order is processed. My cousin and I sat down and a waiter was over in seconds to take our order. We decided to go for cocktails. The menu is very impressive, possibly the best bottomless options I have ever come across. Usually with these sort of affairs you’re  either limited to Prosecco or overly sweet porn star martinis. So it was a nice surprise to see options such as gin, vodka, rum and mixers, wine, Corona on draught as well as the standard ‘bottomless’ faves. 

The first cocktail I ordered was a “Whoopsy Daisy” – a rhubarb and raspberry gin number. Vibrant, fruity and a winning first cocktail, no complaints here. Soon after our cocktails were served, we were asked what grazing board we wanted, we both leapt at the same time for the meat and cheese board. The board is for two people to share however I can see a group of four easily sharing it. The cheeses and meats are locally sourced and the portions are perfect, maybe even a bit generous or perhaps it’s just that a couple of places I have visited recently have been stingy on the food offering for bottomless brunches. 

What’s included in the grazing board:

Cheeses: Black bomber cheddar, Sparkenhoe red leicester, Oxford blue, Godminster black truffle, Waterloo, Baron bigod, and Nettle Yarg.

Meats: Venison salami, Smoked venison salami, Wagyu beef salami, Salt and pepper salami, and Rosemary salami.

Halkidiki and kalamata olives in rose harissa

Debs of Harborne chilli jam 

This is possibly the best meat and cheese board I have ever had. The variety was incredible and it was great to see a local independent such as Debs of Harborne making an appearance, especially as I have been wanting to get my hands on Deb’s jam for ages. Independents supporting independents, I’m all for it. The board really complimented the cocktail and as it was plentiful we enjoyed having something to pick at while drinking our cocktails. 

The Daiquiri soaked strawberries and cream followed after (not straight away but perfectly timed to give us a breather). Sweet and satisfying. We were both full and very satisfied, but the cocktail show must go on… 

We experimented and tried cocktails we wouldn’t usually go for and we asked the manager for suggestions who was very happy to help out. Every single cocktail I had, I liked. Attention! Clean up on aisle eight. We have a drunken Bab. Terry’s Dark Horse was one of my favourites, an orange twist on an Espresso Martini. Velvet Society was another favourite – cocktail meets pudding I would say. Passionfruit, champagne and vanilla ice cream – delish!

As I said before the variety of cocktails that are on offer is remarkable, is this really all for £36?! Each cocktail costs between £8-10 – we managed five each and I woke up the next morning with no regrets and no hangover. What Green’s has done is completely changed bottomless brunch in my eyes. I know it’s not a ‘brunch’ per se but I’ll take pudding cocktails and a black bomber any day over shrivelled eggs with no yolk pop and an insane amount of avocado. I like to pick, I like to graze, and I like to take my time. I know we were on a time limit, but we didn’t feel rushed at all. After our bottomless experience we enjoyed live music from Esther Turner, it was the perfect ending to a perfect night. Do me a favour? Don’t go here. Just let me have Green’s all to myself, please?

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