There are some dining experiences that will stick with you for a long time and then there are those that you’d rather sleep off and forget. My first meal at Pulperia has been on my mind constantly since I dined there last month.

Please note that this experience was gifted, and this is my honest opinion.

Located in the heart of Brindley Place, Pulperia is an Argentinian restaurant owned by Michelin starred chef Aktar Islam. Walking through the doors of Pulperia is almost like walking into another dimension – one where it is always Autumn. I was welcomed by warm interiors and beautiful botanical decor. Right away I knew I would have a great dining experience. We sat down at our table in one of the dining rooms at the back surrounded by wine bottles and rustic sculptures, which we couldn’t stop admiring.

Steak is a no brainer here, and I haven’t had a good steak in a long time so I had my fingers and toes crossed that Pulperia would deliver the steak of dreams. Jumping straight into the food menu it all sounded so appealing that I completely forget to order a drink. I flipped back to the cocktail menu to order a negroni and my chap James ordered a beer. I forgot how strong negroni was, and how I am not very good with most spirits! I am one of those terrible drunks that feels fuzzy-headed after one alcho pop. The negroni was not for me but it was my fault for picking something I knew I couldn’t handle. So then I opted for a Tomero, Carbernet Franc red wine which was just the ticket.

For starter, I ordered the gambas – wild argentine prawns stuffed with tomato confit and aji Molleda. It was perfect. Usually ripping prawns apart makes me squirm and I get a bit frustrated but there was plenty of prawns to eat so I was pretty satisfied. James ordered ceviche with bass, citrus, shallots avocado and radish. A refreshing dish, not exactly a go-to starter for me but definitely one that impressed.

For our mains, our eyes lit up at the 400g Herefordshire Chateaubriand steak. I ordered it rare and it was quite possibly the best steak I have ever tasted. The conversation between me and James suddenly went silent. The only sounds escaping our mouths were “Mmm” and “Oh my god”. James suddenly started bopping his head and rolling his eyes back. I should have felt uncomfortable, especially in a packed restaurant, but I understood. That was the best steak orgasm ever. Costing £45 and coming with a very generous portion of chips, when you see the size and taste the steak it’s worth the price and more. Juicy, bursting with flavour and partnered perfectly with chimichurri – could this be the best steak in Birmingham?

For dessert we were torn between the cheese board and the panqueues (pancakes) so we decided to get both. Not the biggest cheese board I have had, however, don’t let the size fool you. The selection of flavours was a first for me and we were both all for it. The panqueues were gorgeous, orange and hesperidina caramel with dulce ice cream, it was to die for.

The service was flawless, our waitress was fantastic and she went that extra mile to help us by explaining each of the dishes. Everyone was friendly and the staff really made our experience at Pulperia memorable. We finished with tea and coffee and leaned back in our seats sulking, we did not want to leave.

From experiencing some of the best customer service ever to tasting the best steak in Birmingham, Pulperia was a dream. The steak was just unbelievable and I waved goodbye to my dreadful dates with steaks over the past few months – I have finally found the one.
From start to finish, it was perfection, a dining experience that must be experienced. Whatever you do this coming September, make sure you book Pulperia.


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