As a resident of Sutton Coldfield, I am often frustrated with the lack of Independent’s and exciting restaurant chains – no, I am not talking about Nandos and please don’t ever mention Nandos to me because I will most likely roll my eyes and scream. Recently there has been a flutter of new openings in the Sutton area in which I am delighted about, but I am greedy – I want more. Giggling Squid is one of the latest additions to the area, a restaurant that specialises in Thai Cuisine with restaurants in Harborne, Leamington Spa and so on. As soon as the announcement was made and bookings were opened, most of Sutton flooded to try it out and I am one of many, that is delighted about this opening.

Please note that this experience was gifted, and this is my honest opinion.

I was invited to experience Giggling Squid and decided I needed a second opinion so I brought my lovely friend (and fellow blogger) Small House Big Trips. As we walked in together for our booking at 6.30 pm, we could see that it was very busy. The restaurant is decorated beautifully, very floral, bright and just generally very appealing to the eye. I had seen some bizarre comments about uneven photos on the walls ruining peoples experiences at Giggling Squid this didn’t bother me at all and quite frankly I’m not here to review the decor or give you a course in how to straighten a photo correctly.

We sat down for our meal under a beautifully decorated arch covered in flora. We noticed that it was very echoey and it was quite loud, but what did we expect? The whole of Sutton Coldfield was dining here tonight. We browsed through the drinks menu and I opted for the Silky Pink Cocktail which is a Lychee Martini with a mouth-watering mix of Fair Quinoa Vodka, Kwai Feh lychee Liqueur, Peach and Jasmine Green Tea. Very refreshing, and something different to the usual Strawberry Daiquiri that I have murdered to death in many restaurants. Kelly went for the Lychee Angel cocktail in which she really liked and found it very refreshing.

We both found the service quick. Our Waitress “Anjali” who is also a fellow food blogger (Anjeatsss) was full of knowledge and very helpful when it came down to ordering. She was able to explain each dish and pick dishes that best suited our taste buds! So to start, we ordered the Sharing Platter which came with hand-cut pork grilled skewers, salt and pepper squid, Thai chicken wings, vegetable spring rolls. A very generous portion for £16.50 offering a great variety of flavours and was a great introduction to Giggling Squid.

For mains we went a little crazy, we ordered; Giant Butterfly King Prawn Pad Thai, Lamb Shank Massamann, Sticky Chicken, Morning Glory greens, Roti, Sticky rice, and coconut rice. One mouthful after the other was a constant punch of flavour that was just irresistible. The lamb shank was my favourite, the meat was cooked perfectly, falling off the bone and into the rich base of coconut milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and star anise. The sticky chicken was sticky, moist and sweet, exactly what it says on the tin with an almighty crunch of crisp, just the way I like it. Sticky and coconut rice both blending beautifully with the lamb shank, scooped up with the roti flatbread helping both to blend perfectly. I grabbed a bite of Kellys Pad Thai that was also perfectly cooked and full of flavour. 

To finish we ordered Black Sesame ice cream, however as I am not a big fan of ice cream, it just wasn’t for me. I felt the flavour was very peculiar and unfortunately I am a basic bitch in the ice cream department that opts for just vanilla, so it’s a no from me.

I read some iffy reviews of Giggling Squid (mostly all of them coming from Harborne) which left me feeling a little confused. My experience of Giggling Squid was exceptional, the food was fantastic and so was the service. We loved it so much it has quickly become one of our favourite restaurants in Sutton Coldfield. Is it the best Thai restaurant I have been to? No, but the team have surely put a lot of work into this restaurant for it to work, and it does. I enjoyed it so much that I visited again 3 weeks later (Non-gifted) Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I DO PAY. I had the exact same experience again but service was a little bit slower but it’s early days, new restaurants need time to find their feet and find a structure that works. The food was exactly the same, fresh and full of flavour – no complaints.

A great addition to Sutton Coldfield/Mere Green, one that you will most definitely need to book before as it’s super busy. As a new opening, I was expecting a few hiccups here and there but I didn’t experience any of this. Kelly and I couldn’t stop praising our experience at Giggling Squid. I feel Giggling Squid is a wonderful addition to our town, which I hope now will give the Sutton area a bit of a boost and attract more appealing chains and most importantly Independents.

Book your table at Giggling Squid Mere Green here


UPDATE: Sadly, we have to give an update or more so, replace this “positive” review with a negative review as my last two trips to Giggling Squid in Mere Green have been not so good. I hate it when this happens, but my last two visits have not matched the above review. I dont know what’s happened, where its all gone wrong from dirty tables to uncooked food, surely this is not the same restarant? Sadly, I can no longer recommend this restaurant as it seems to have slipped and gone downhill since opening. Its a real shame.


  1. Starters not bad, highlight was squid and dips, mains of stir fry was over powering flavours and sticky chicken was bland as we’re noodles even chocolate pudding was dry and not nice, plastic flowers,plastic place,expensive, nobody Thai in sight, but staff very attentive and very friendly.


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