You know me bab, I love a Hidden Gem especially one that is quite valuable. The only problem is when you stumble across one, you just want to keep it to yourself! Procaffeinate in Leamington Spa is that hidden gem.

I discovered them early this year wandering around the charity shops, it was pissing it down and I went in for shelter. I ordered a hot chocolate and it was almost like a scene out Willy Wonka, that first sip and it was like I found the mother of all hot chocolates. That’s when my obsession for Procaffeinate started and when they asked me to pop in on the weekend to try out the new brunch specials, I just couldn’t resist.

Please note that this experience was gifted, and this is my honest opinion.

Located on Clemens Street just a little bit further out from the main high street and I am kind of glad about it because this place would be packed out all the time. Located next to the canal, this darling cafe is one to tick off on your foodie list. Procaffeinate serves up good coffee, freshly baked cakes and hearty breakfast/brunch options from overnight oats to full English. It’s a reasonably sized cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, and dogs are welcome. They have a monthly specials menu that they change regularly, The new brunch specials include brunch muffins and Belgian waffles – from sweet to savoury. The menu offers options for veggie/vegans with plenty to choose from!

First things first, coffee. I went for a flat white with a shot of Pumpkin spice – You just can’t beat it. I always enjoy the coffee here and I was sitting in a cosy little corner inside the cafe. The staff are great here, always check up on you to see if everything is okay and always full of smiles. They are very easy to talk to and are great fun.

When it came down to ordering food, I was stuck between Chilli Avocado egg muffins and the savoury sweetheart Belgian waffle. I was advised by one of the lovely workers there that the Chilli Avocado egg option might be for the best as I am more of a savoury kind of person. Within ten minutes a very large plate of smashed avocado, chilli flakes, scrambled eggs, sundried tomatoes on two toasted muffins with a side of salad with balsamic dressing arrived. The portion is very generous, I found the dish very filling, packed with a punch of mouthwatering flavours. The chilli produced a tiny kick – easy to handle and everything tasted so fresh, very appetising and just what I needed on a Sunday morning. The eggs were cooked to perfection and I have to admit this is the best-scrambled eggs on muffins I have ever had – and I have this dish a lot! Costing under £10, it’s a great value dish that hits the right spot.

After dining I decided to have a little mooch around – They have a gorgeous outdoor terrace that overlooks the canal. What caught my eye whilst I was dining was that many people seemed to be disappearing through a Smeg fridge, So I did a bit of investigating. I realised the Smeg fridge lead to a secret downstairs dining room, equipped with plenty of seating, botanical bar and provides a great space for private parties and events, now this is my kind of Narnia.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without their famous hot chocolate and OH MY FLUMP, you are in for a treat! I went for the After Eight hot chocolate…Oh yes, it’s real alright and it’s every Instagrammer’s dream! This baby is as long as my right leg and tastes sensational. It’s cream for days and I am not going to lie its tricky to get stuck into at first especially if your a full-time lipstick addict like me but you know what the best thing to do is to just jump right in there, Get messy baby!

You are equipped with a spoon so if you don’t want to get messy you don’t have to…YAWN! The cream is freshly topped with an After Eight and a toasted marshmallow. Every time I try the hot chocolate at Procaffeinate I become more and more confident that they indeed do the best hot chocolate in The Midlands. It can’t be beaten.

Overall another fantastic visit to Procaffeinate, it’s quickly become one of my favourite independents in Leamington Spa and I am sure you can see why. They have a lot to offer here, from the Instagrammable hot chocolates to the great customer service, Procaffeinate is one Independent that you need to tick off before 2022.

Check out Procaffeinates website here and their Instagram here



  1. There’s not a student in Leam who doesn’t love Procaffeinate! It’s just too gorgeous next to the canal as well! I often pick up takeout coffees to fuel my friend and I for the journeys to campus


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