But does it really taste like a Michelin-starred doner kebab? What the fuck does a Michelin-starred doner kebab even taste like?

Just to be clear, this is a kebab created by a Chef who has a Michelin star for one of his restaurants. One Star Doner kebab does not have a michelin star, it’s just made by a Michelin star Chef.

I’m fairly new to Chef Brad Carter’s food, and when these kebabs came out with many raving about them, I had to try them for myself… twice within two days, just to be sure. Created by a Michelin-starred Chef whose food I have yet to taste (don’t worry, it’s on my list) has set up shop in the Hare and Hounds pub in Kings Heath, a place that brings back memories of me moshing to underground bands with my mullet haircut and leopard fur coat – a cross between Cat Slater and an 80’s Rod Stewart. It’s a great pub, and it’s quite the experience to see a Michelin-starred chef grilling up kebabs at a pub that used to be my favourite spot to get pissed off my tits as a teenager. Now lets get back to my baps, I mean kebabs.

As I mentioned I visited Mr Carters kebabs twice, the first time I was pissed, and any kebab will do tbh. I ordered the Devon White chicken shawarma kebab (as that was recommended to be the best) and when I bit into it, I got a shit-load of bread. 3 bites later I got to the filling and that’s when I started to rock back and forth with enjoyment BUT it didn’t last long, as I could hardly taste much of the spices, just a lot of mayo. It was filled with it and it overpowered the spices, plus more mouthfuls further in I realised I was swallowing more sauce than the chicken shawarma?!

Not what I was expecting but I thought maybe this is a bit unfair to review as halfway through eating I forgot where I was. Kind of pointless right?

Two days later I thought, let’s give it another go! I went for the chicken shawarma again, and one thing I noticed was this time, it was PACKED! Which is what you want to see for £11 but then bloody hell, it was so packed that it fell all on me and the bread broke apart. Luckily I had a few mouthfuls before it fell apart and the filling is tasty, with plenty of spices and pops of that garlic mayo coming through (a lot less this time) more tender chicken coming through this time but sadly not enough. You could taste the quality but was it the best kebab I have ever had? No but washed down with a pint, it’s pretty decent.

I still dont know what a Michelin kebab tastes like, maybe I’ll never know but I just gotta be honest it just didn’t give me the wow factor BUT it was still a pretty decent kebab, have I had cheaper kebabs that taste better? Yeah 100%, so its definetly not in my top 5. It just left me a bit puzzled babs, as I expected it to be pretty mind-blowing BUT it did leave me with an inexplicable urge to try the other flavours, maybe thats where all the rave reviews are coming from?

A further investigation is needed…

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