Grab your ugly jumpers and get your “basic bitch” pumpkin latte at the ready because AUTUMN IS FINALLY HERE.

It seems I wait all year for autumn, not fussed about spring, summer is only good when there is a pool and it’s appropriate to strip in public places and winter just seems to bugga the whole world up with in indecisiveness. Autumn will always remain my favourite and for many reasons…

  1. LAYERS, I can layer to my heart’s content.  
  2. Everything looks so much prettier in autumn; the orange/red tones make photographs look so vibrant and beautiful and it’s my favourite time to go out with the camera.
  3. Is it just me or do the movies on the TV seem to get a little bit better around this time of year?
  4. ITS BUFFET SEASON FOR THE LANGSTON FAMILY: start of October is when my mom puts on her famous Langston Buff spread for the family, it’s a prestigious event and Members only are invited…you can register your interest via contact page.
  5. HALLOWEEN. Pumpkins, Cinnamon on everything and horror films running non-stop.

However, with all the positives does come some negatives and sometimes Autumn can suck for these reasons:

  1. The house becomes an open house for neglected/injured homeless spiders seeking a meal and a place to stay for the rest of the YEAR!
  2. It’s darker, it’s colder and the struggle to get up in the morning is real.
  3. Everyone is bloody infected around this time of year. Every October I get ill without fail, I get the flu jab, I take vitamins, I wear earmuffs and still, I get ill.
  4. The BASTARD leaves, when autumn comes every year, I suddenly develop a phobia of slipping on leaves. You expect it with ice in winter but you don’t expect to slip on these crafty buggas. Nowadays a leaf is more likely to put you in hospital than a bug.
  5. When you realise there is literally two months to Christmas, and you haven’t saved a penny…

October is my favourite month, not just because of Halloween but because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH. I will be 28 this year and can you believe I still get asked for my ID when I go out? The other day I got ID’d in Poundland for a bloody fork..*Sigh* it was pretty embarrassing as I was buying sanitary towels as well, I assumed that was what I was getting ID’d for (it was way too early in the morning) so I proceeded to flutter the pads in the air at the store assistant in which she replied “Do you need a different size”

..Christ sake.

Anyway! I usually make sure I have a lot going on in October and I have already started to plan in which I will do a few blog posts about.

Here are a few things that I will be doing in my birthday month and places I’ll be visiting!

Tattu Birmingham

Weekend break to London

Pumpkin picking- Honestly, what kind of person buys pumpkins from Asda and Tescos? Get into the halloween spirit people!

Halloween events– Severn Valley ghost train/Birmingham fancy dress halloween night.

Spa day at the Belfry Hotel & Resort

Autumn Photoshoots

I will also be checking out more Birmingham independent coffee shops/restaurants. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Pretty busy month as you can see, really looking forward to going back to London, London in autumn is absolutely stunning. So I hope you all enjoy “The cuddle season” In-between all I have got on this month I shall be scoffing cinnamon buns and cuddling with myself or my mother…If she lets me.


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