I have lived in Birmingham my whole life and even when I am out with my camera, I still manage to find spots that I have never come across before that are great for all kinds of photography. The great thing about photography in Birmingham is that it is never ending, and it’s getting bigger! A creative and colourful city that is always sparking our creativity and is always supportive of fellow creatives. It really is great to be a photographer in this city. It has given me such confidence and the ability to grow and not be afraid to be open with my style. From Visit_Birmingham to BHAMGRAM social media photography platforms driving beginners to experienced photographers to showcase their vision of Birmingham and to be rewarded with credit on social media platforms to drive more recognition to the photographer. The photography community is growing every day in Birmingham, making Brum one of the best cities out there to point your camera in and why not? Have you seen our city?! There is so much on offer here! There are so many endless possibilities to photograph in Birmingham and I want to show you my favourite spots!


Home of the future creatives, an ultimate favourite of mine and I bet of so many other photographers as well. It’s like the upside down of Birmingham, endless possible shots to take in this colourful area full of talented street artists work, with exciting possibilities for all creatives. I have done a variety of photoshoots here with Bloggers, Models, couples and families. The Nightowl pink and white wall seems to be a favourite with bloggers/models, so I like using this backdrop a lot and it gives my photos a retro tone which is great as I’m a retro vintage Gal.


I am quite surprised with many of you who don’t recognise where this is. however, every time I’m on shoot here it feels like I am on a film set for a futuristic Jurassic park film. This location is very popular for model shots, but I recently did a couple shoot here and loved the results. Let’s not forget the botanical greenery walls that are perfect backdrops for all kinds of photoshoots!


Colmore Row, Barwick St and New hall St are perfect for blogger shoots, you have the great independent coffee shops such as 200 Degrees and vibrant quirky restaurants such as Tattu. Let’s not forget the tall metropolitan office towers and Art deco features in the Birmingham Museum.


The view from the Cube is always spectacular to photograph and shooting from the ground floor of the cube is pretty cool aswell. The canals are very popular to photograph but you can get some pretty awesome shots if you choose your angles wisely. I would like to mention that I love photographing the Canal house as you have the beautiful high rise buildings such as HSBC and the Hyatt hotel behind it.


I went to Amsterdam back in August and fell in the love with the city. After a week after my return, with dutchy blues, I went for a walk in Brindley place. Photographing the Arena walking across the bridges I suddenly stopped “Déjà Vu” the flowers, the view of the canal, it was like I was back in Amsterdam! It sparked a few ideas for blogger and family photoshoots. Another mention is Ikon Gallery. I especially love to come here when the blossom is in full bloom in Oozells square, It makes stunning photos.


The library of Birmingham- Great for views of Broad Street, The Cube, and BT Tower.

Selfridges tunnel to car park- Another great spot to take shots of the Bullring, St Martin church, and Digbeth.

Cannon hill park- A favourite for family and kids photoshoots.

The Jewellery Quarter- Great location for all kinds of photoshoots!

Great Western Arcade- Beautiful Victorian arcade, it’s like stepping back in time! perfect for portraits.



  1. Loved this post.

    I always struggle to take good pics in Birmingham ( having recently moved here) So I have noted down some of the places you have mentioned.

    Thank you for sharing my lovely.


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