So last week I celebrated my 28th birthday with a very uncomfortable hour-long wax and a cossie wedgie…the joys of growing older hey? This year I wanted to do something different and I wanted to pamper myself with a spa day. I have NEVER had a spa day before and I am not too sure as to why maybe it’s my fear of peoples toes in those horrid flip flops or those swimming costumes that are in fashion now, you know, the ones where you have most of your crotch hanging out? Whatever it was I decided to take the plunge and book my first Spa day at The Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield.

So, what did I learn from my spa Day?

  • Don’t leave it to last minute to buy a swimming costume as your butt may not be able to fit in it. That is exactly what happened, I couldn’t get my sodding butt in the cossie.
  • Children are everywhere, there is no escape even at a “relaxing spa day” there are 11am children swimming lessons going on, whatever happened to taking your kids to school and leaving them there for the day?
  • I was right, the white flip flop slippers are minging.
  • Everywhere is slippy, even the sodding swimming pool is slippy.
  • Spa days are not that relaxing

Whilst there were a few negatives, I did overall enjoy my experience of my very first spa day at The Belfry, the back massage gave me a bit of relief, the afternoon tea was filling and delicious and overall the Belfry is a very impressive spa hotel.

The next birthday treat was a meal at Tattu in Birmingham in which I am sure many of you have heard of but if not, just follow the blossom trail. A Modern Chinese restaurant next to Snowhill station on Barwick street kitted out in beautiful blossom and oozes sleek design. Now, this is my second time to Tattu as I loved it so much the first time. As a group we ordered a couple of plates to share from Monkfish to Dim sum, the food is colourful, vibrant and god damn bloody tasty. By far the best Chinese food I have ever had. One thing that stands out with Tattu is the service, the service is first class PERIOD. I know it’s my birthday but even when it wasn’t my birthday last time, the service and the positive energy our group received from the employees was great and it really does make the experience second best to none.

My final treat was a trip down to London to stay in the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. My cousin Jess and I caught the 6 am coach to Victoria from Birmingham and I spent most of it sleeping and hissing at the little kid in front of me. Soon as we arrived it was time for coffee and where’s best to head for coffee in Victoria, why, Peggy Porschen of course! Well known for its beautiful floral decorated shop front and pastel pink sleek design, it really is a stunner, but did you know they do great coffee and cake too? You see, unfortunately, many people see Peggy’s as a photo opportunity. I am sitting outside sipping on my cappuccino and I see people stopping to take photos outside and then running off, why don’t you taste the product before abusing it? Peggy Porschens is a lovely not so hidden gem in London with lovely staff and mouth-watering cakes, An absolute delight.

Another favourite is Dominque Ansel Bakery, I have wanted to try the brunch there for so long. We luckily got a table in the morning, we sat in the autumn decked out conservatory and we felt like we were in Autumns aura. After a morning of non-stop walking around Oxford street shopping for our Friday night outfits and death-trap tubes, it was time to meet my friend Laura and head to the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. I was looking for arty-farty, more art, less of the fart and that that’s exactly what I got. The room was for four ladies, but you could fit 2 hen party’s in that joint. Little touches such as vinyl players, vinyl records, lifestyle magazines made it so unique and I was even surprised with a bottle of bubbly from the staff to celebrate my birthday and yes, of course, we googled the cost £15!

The Ace Hotel even has a rooftop bar that showcases a pretty view of Shoreditch with some classic cocktails. We headed out for pizza and met my other friend Heather to head on over to Tonight Josephine. Now you may recognise this place on a lot of bloggers social media pages or if you are an Apprentice fan, it was on The Apprentice 2 weeks ago where the lads made a right cock up on the ice lolly’s, quite literally they looked like Willys! Another place where people go to take “selfies” for the gram and it was quite incredible how so many girls were taking it quite seriously, not one to fuss over an Instagram photo however all of us found ourselves fighting over photos and shooting down our blurry photos. We just wanted to feel like the spice girls for one night okay! Tonight Josephine is good but only when you are a bit drunk, its full of repetitive pop songs and cocktails full of sugar. If you need a photo for the gram, I guess, you could go here.

The last day we went exploring Brick Lane. full of amazing art, quirky markets and exotic people, it is defiantly my kind of place! The markets are incredible here not like your fruit and veg market back in Brum, but they have all sorts of offerings furniture, cronuts, pretty dresses and sexy paintings. The Vintage Market on Brick lane is one of my favourites, why did I not go there to find my Friday night outfit?! I am a big lover of sunglasses and found myself trying on an impressive selection of Elton John’s glasses. After our afternoon of exploring it was time to head back home to Brum.

It was pretty great to return back to work to some of my colleague’s shell shocked that I turned 28 ” You don’t look like a day over 18″ which is simply quite flattering but then still annoying as I still get I’D!I am growing up and I am having to make important decisions to better myself in this life, I decided soon as I turned 28 to make a checklist for the year and to stick to it, this is something I have not done before. I know what I want to achieve by the time I have turned 29 and I do feel that it’s achievable.Turning 28 I have found myself to be a lot wiser and a lot more confident in myself. I have mentioned before in another blog post I have had a terrible 2 years and although the start of the year was bad and there have been moments where it’s been very difficult but I am still here, I am not a quitter and as my family would say, I’m a Langston, we laugh our way through life. The fire is burning in my belly and confidence is growing so I’m ready too take you on 28!



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