My eggy crumpets bring all the boys to the yard…

Located in the city centre on busy Bull Street opposite the tram lies Wayland’s Yard. A quirky independent serving up a wide variety of coffee, freshly made food to warm the heart and tickle our satisfying taste buds and a great atmosphere for the people of Brum. When mentioning Wayland’s Yard to a couple of friends I was gobsmacked that they never even heard of it! so here is a lesson in educating the people of Brum of our amazing independents in the city and Wayland’s Yard is one of them.

Arriving just before lunchtime with a Wayland’s virgin (My good OL’ pal Bridge) we settled right down and grabbed a menu. It was around 12 pm, few people in there but not raving busy. The interior inside is very urban, almost feels like your dining in a warehouse with a few botanicals touches here and there. I like how it is quite minimal and it’s a light spacious venue with a generous offering of seats and tables. Every table displays a food menu and the drinks menu is right behind the till with a variety of pastries and cakes on offer. It’s order at the till service and they are pretty sharp with the service, my tea came within 2 minutes.

A wide variety of Breakfast & Brunch meals on offer, from eggy crumpets to one pans. The prices are reasonable, the prices of the big brunches are £11.50, okay, it’s not a £7 breakfast you get at your local Weatherspoon’s. We are talking about fresh, high-quality ingredients that are freshly cooked on the day…not in a microwave! There is also plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans. I decided to order the eggy crumpets with chorizo and avocado, and Bridge ordered Eggs Florentine.

The food came to us beautifully presented and full of colour. Diving straight into it was absolutely divine, the crumpets were soft and fluffy, and it was bursting with flavour. Forget basic-bitch crumpets like Warburtons think soft sassy little freaks that melt in your mouth. Never would think to put crumpets with chorizo, a strange combination that works wonders. The portions were very generous and very filling, Bridge loved her eggs Florentine, the eggs were cooked properly with a pop of a fork, the egg yolk spilled out…so satisfying when you see that right?

The staff are very friendly and very informative, I was stuck for choice with the teas as I am trying to lay off the milk and felt a bit peaky that day, so it was suggested the gunpowder green to give me a pick me up and boy, did it do wonders for me. The staff are full of smiles, there’s no denying that they enjoy working there and it’s lovely to see.

The food is stunning, the service is high class and the coffee is badass. I regularly go there now to pick up a hot drink in the morning and have a bite to eat at lunchtime. The only negative I have is that it’s right next to work and they are going to bugger up my yeast intolerance and add to my muffin top. In conclusion, this is definitely one of my favourite spots for bunch in the city and definitely a place that should be on your list to try out, dare I say? ANOTHER Brummie gem? Of course, it bloody is and please, support our independents and give your taste buds a bloody treat instead of that Costa Crap.



  1. Is this a chain because it looks similar to a place we went in the jewellery quarter.

    The food looks immense, if you carry on I’ll be packing up home and moving to Birmingham and getting fatter!


  2. This place looks and sounds amazing! I wish there was one near me to try out! I looks similar to a place across the other side of London from me – maybe they’ve been inspired by this place! #yum


  3. The food looks amazing! Plus I love the photos you took of the restaurant! I’ll for sure but this on my list of places to go visit when I visit the UK. Love your post!


  4. The food looks amazing! I love the photos you took of the restaurants. I am for sure adding this to my list of places to visit when I go to the UK. Love your post!


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