The wonderful world of dating now controlled by a variety of online dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Gone are the days where couples say “we met on a night out” or at a “friends gathering” because finding someone for whatever purpose you may have is now made pretty easy for us. One flick on an app and a date is set up or if its Tinder a “Wham bam thank you ma’am” is set up. From my experience, the one question I always get is “Have you got the dodgy Birmingham accent?” I am born and raised in Birmingham, of course, I’ve got the accent Bab but now thanks to Peaky Blinders, the accent now appears to many as “sexy” There is more to dating Brummie’s than just the accent and here are a few things in what to expect when you date a Brummie.


Brummies are very friendly and always up for a laugh, Possibly the friendliest people you will meet on this planet. The conversations I have had on the train, in pubs, and in the toilets with fellow Brummies from not knowing each other to sharing shitty burger van burgers and helping to unzip each other’s dresses down. We have great humour, a great city we call home and we don’t really give a shite what you think of us.


Now, this is a term you will hear in many Brummie households. Us Brummies love a cuppa now and again, especially with a chip butty. I think my parents drink around 6 cups of tea maybe even more, and any time a guest comes around that’s the first thing they will say. Fancy a brew seems to be the answer to everything, split up with your boyfriend? Time of the month? Brexit is delayed again? One boob is longer than the other? It will be okay come in and have a cuppa!
There’s a brew for every problem.


RIP snobs, you will be forever in our hearts. Every Brummie has a Snob story, You will hear Snobs a lot when you come to Brum “Do you remember the old Snobs? Pints were £1 and you can never remember how you got thrown out?” We will entertain you with many stories about the “Old Snobs” The story’s, the people and the crappy food that we had after Snobs finished in the little takeaway shop next door-I wish I could remember the name. We will talk about the sticky floor, the lack of light, the trips to hospitals after slipping all over the joint and the whole room going crazy singing to The Killers-Mr Brightside. To many, it was a shithole, but it was our shithole that we absolutely adored.


There was a time when McDonald’s on the ramp was an alright place to meet but nowadays it is Grand Central (to us Brummies it’s still New Street) or the Bull- just don’t expect us to take a selfie in front of it. For me, It’s Grand Central Station meeting outside Pret a Manger so as I come out of the ticket barriers usually, I can see my date waiting for me then its decision time-Should I stay, or should I go? I wonder if anyone else does this?


Maybe refrain from asking the family what football team they support. Its Aston Villa or Birmingham City…choose carefully, a proper Brummie is an Aston Villa supporter…Sorry, not Sorry. This is one of the first questions my dad will ask potential boyfriends. I always give them a warning “Say you support Aston Villa or no one” thankfully my dad hasn’t used the garden hose on anyone yet…


Now, this may not apply to all Brummies, but for me, I can’t stand the bloody place. On a Saturday night, you will see all kinds of things from legless creatures to sad-looking dildos lying in the street, it’s a very long and wide version of the strip in Malia that is one to avoid on first dates. Dont ever suggest Broad Street as a first date, we wont be impressed unless its a stay in The Hyatt…meaning the 3rd or 4th date, God! who do you think I am?!


it’s just the last stop before home to try and sober ourselves up. It’s the only place in Brum that is open 24 hours and is quite appealing after a sweaty night out in Be at one.


Don’t try and attempt the accent, we won’t be impressed. We get a lot of stick for our accents but thanks to Peaky Blinders, those days are gone. The Birmingham accent is officially sexy, thank you, Mr Cillian Murphy.


Of course, if you have never been to Birmingham before you will be thinking about taking a trip up to the Bullring. Now for me, it’s okay February-September but then come October it gets manic and especially at Christmas, if I was to take a crap on the floor, no one would notice because everyone is in their own little world rushing around like blue arsed flies.

November in Birmingham…AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS.

Its that time again fellow Brummies get ready to get stuck behind peoples backs for half an hour, touched up by random peoples shoulders and even wrestle with yourself as to the reason why you even came. If you’re dating a Brummie at Christmas time, sure enough, you will be dragged to the famous German market. Yes, it very festive, you have loved up couples being all cute and all but to most of us Brummies, it’s a bloody pain in the arse. It goes on for bloody miles now it’s like the river Nile for christ sake and every turn you take theres those great big whopping sausages taking your eye out, do people not know that most of the food/drink from the German Market can be brought for cheaper at your local Lidl?



  1. Bab! I bloody love this post, Birmingham is such a huge part of my life even though I don’t live there.

    McDonald’s on the ramp is just my favourite place! I was there on Saturday for nostalgia purposes x


  2. This made me laugh 😂 I’m not from Birmingham and sadly I have never been, but this post was brilliant xx


  3. This is us Brmmies to a tee! Speaking of which I love a brew. Don’t quite agree with the football one lol, I grew up on the blue side of the city, however, my fiancée is the other (you can imagine the banter)
    Great post! X


  4. Hahaha, as a fellow Brummie this is so relatable and absolutely hilarious. Not gonna lie, I’m still a fan of Snobs, I’m gutted I never got to go to the old one but the new one can be a great night out. I love how McDonald’s on the ramp is such a well known meeting point, we treat it like it’s a landmark haha.

    Alice xx


    1. I think I went to the new Snobs when it first opened and remember throwing a keema naan and it hit of this poor guys head. Very drunk of course! Glad you liked it!🧡


  5. This was a very very interesting guide! My thoughts in my head before reading this were “what kind of guide could there be to dating a Brummie” but now it all makes sense. Sadly I’m an Arsenal fan so I’m definitely not gonna make the best first impression on a Brummie girl’s dad 😂😂 Had no idea Peaky Blinders was a thing among Brummies! The architecture on the Bull Ring is a sight to behold though – giving me some ideas for where to go in Birmingham should I visit.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


  6. This made me laugh so much and has inspired me to do something on Leeds, although I’m not from there I lived there for 4 years so I have some things to say! Yes Cillian sorted you right out 😉 haha amazing!

    If you have time, please do check out my latest post ✨☕
    Thankyou 🙂


  7. Hahah, this is spot on! I still meet people outside Pret at Grand Central and broad Street is to avoided at all costs!


  8. OMG this is so brilliant! I’m a US expat and have been to Brum a few times for different reasons as one of my hubs’ best friends is from there. This post made me laugh so hard!!


  9. I grew up in Birmingham (Quinton) and left when I joined the RAF many moons ago. I remember the recruiting office was on the ramp, not far from McDonald’s. I still go back to the city from time to time as the family are still there. A great read, thanks!


  10. Fantastic post, I’m a Brummie, although I never made it into Snobs everything else rings perfect! I’m now living near Walsall, although they aren’t too dissimilar to us Brummies they aren’t the same! I love our accent, although even when you try and put on your telephone voice you still get someone instantly recognising the Brummie in you!

    Glad to hear you’re a Villa fan, we are too. The city is claret and blue! Blue noses aren’t welcome here, lol!

    Maccies on the ramp was always where we gravitated to after a night out- or Mr Egg

    A brew really does sort everything, can’t function without two before I leave the house in a morning, one when I get to work too! If you’re sad have a brew, if you’ve fell over you need a sweet cup of tea. It really is the answer to everything!

    Although I’m not dating any more, this post made me beam and proud to be a Brummie- even if others don’t like us!


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