WARNING: A few Spoilers ahead – Can you keep a Secret?

Secret Cinema is well known for tackling big-screen adaptations from Alien to Moulin Rouge and creating worlds from films that you can experience in reality. Now Secret Cinema is tackling something completely different- the small screen and this time we are all transported back to the 80s where Madonna was our Gaga, cell phones were the size of computers and shell suits were fashionable but of course, there are a few Strange extras. Missing kids, secret Russian labs and SHORT SHORTS?! You need to get down to the bottom of this kids! Not quite the 80’s you remember? Of course not, this Secret Cinema is very different from the rest as it’s creating the tv adaption of Netflix’s Stranger Things.

If you are familiar with Secret Cinema you know that information is limited such as the location of the event and what to expect inside the event. You will be aware of the location a couple of weeks before you attend, there are a few emails that give you little clues in what to expect but when you get to the event nothing prepares you for what’s to come. The only clue we had was that it was our high school reunion and we are celebrating the 4th of July in Winter, strange. Ticket holders will be choosing from a selection of pop culture movements such as punks, hip-hoppers and new romantics. On arriving you are greeted by fellow 80’s pupils holding up signs to the event and then we saw the big neon sign of The Star Court Mall and this is where the adventure begins. Phones locked away, game face on and you are ready to enter into the world of Stranger Things.

As you enter you literally feel like your stepping on set of Stranger Things, it’s very Season 3 from retail stores to video arcades and bars and yes, they even having Scoops Ahoy and you can buy the ice cream! Neon colours, crazy patterns and 80s shopping music…If anyone asks where I am, I’ve left the country okay? The detail is insane, it’s very true to the tv show and truly an immersive experience for all.

You can choose to meet with your 80s pop culture leader and they give you information that you need to start your mission – reports of missing kids? A government cover-up?! you need to get down to the bottom of it and find out what the hell is going on in Hawkins. From readings with fortune tellers to finding yourself trying to crawl through vents holding onto beer and getting busted by crazy Russians, these missions make you quickly forget that you are Amy Langston, 28 and living in Birmingham. Everyone is in character, American accents and all, and you find yourself also talking in an American accent. You see a glimpse of the upside-down on your journey, ordering a drink at the bar and suddenly the lights and electric cut out and yeah, I got a bit of a twitchy bum from it, it can get quite spooky! Not only are you in this experience with your friends but keep an eye out because you are also experiencing this with many of the characters from Stranger Things that may come in handy on some of your missions. You create your own experience here and really, you are in charge of your journey.

There is plenty to explore here in The Star Court however it’s not all based in the mall, you get to celebrate the 4th July at the Hawkins carnival complete with food and drink vendors, carnival games and the main stage for you all to dance, participate in competitions and question the Mayor on what’s going on in Hawkins. Fancy dancing to candy in an 80’s dance club? or becoming a reporter? or maybe you just fancy a little bit of retail therapy? The sets are so awesome and the detail is endless from characters costume to set/prop designs. Make sure you stick around for the Mayor’s speech later on in the night that’s when things really get out of hand…

Usually, at Secret Cinema you go to watch the film but of course, this is a tv series we are talking about and a bloody long one. So I am not going to give anything away in how they do this but all I can say is the team behind Secret Cinema are some seriously talented creatives and okay! okay! You do have the chance to sing Never ending story, that’s it! I am not saying anymore. My experience of Stranger Things Secret Cinema is one I will never forget, I am a massive fan of the tv show and it didn’t disappoint, it gave me a chance to be part of the much-loved series. A truly spectacular experience that will leave jaws dropping and people wanting to experience it again and again.

Limited tickets are still on sale don’t miss out on this amazing experience and a chance to be part of your favourite tv show. A little bit of a tip choose an early time to attend, this is a very popular event so it can get quite packed out and flat shoes are advisable.



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