The Edgbaston is known to many for its alluring art deco interior oozing that 1920s class, unique but oh so fulfilling cocktails and its vintage showstopper afternoon tea. The Edgbaston is highly recommended by all especially at Christmas which for many is like stepping into a Charles Dickens novel, think A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist with just a pinch of Tim Burton. Antique chandeliers, grand Christmas trees and delicate 1920s art deco tea sets, An afternoon tea here is not just fulfilling your taste buds but it’s also giving you the classic 1920s experience for the whole family to enjoy.

You can’t miss The Edgbaston especially at Christmas time draped in a red bow, a showstopper for all passers-by to grab their phones and take a snap. Beautiful on the outside and of course, in the inside. Soon as you go through the doors your experience begins with beautifully decorated interior and staff that are there to greet you straight away and make you feel at home. We arrived 40 minutes early however we were told we could sit down straight away at our table. Our afternoon tea took place in the lounge which just oozed that classic vintage attire, from mix match art deco sets to a grand 1920s bar that is quite simply spectacular. We were sat at a table which was quite small for 5 people, one person would have to be shoved at the end however this was noticed by our waiter and he offered a bigger table for us all.

The time had arrived, and we were brought out menus and asked what afternoon tea we wanted to have. We all opted for the Juliet sparking rose afternoon tea which also came with a hot drink that priced at £35.00. The rose was served first, sweet and bubbly nothing to complain about at all, it was a nice refresher to start us all off. Of course, the famous dry ice spectacular experience was next displaying a couple of cheesecake puddings to ease us in before the main event. A showstopper, of course, you can see all heads turning to your table and all phones leap out of everyone’s pockets to film because it is quite simply, dazzling to watch. The cheesecakes were a nice touch, not too sweet but very favourable and was a nice touch.

The afternoon tea arrived showcasing a variety of sandwiches and desserts, from turkey and cranberry mini baguettes to cheese and chutney crackers, and egg and cress brioche rolls, however, my brioche roll was simply missing the filling. This was rectified and a new brioche roll with filling came out within a minute. The deserts are small yet satisfying, jam-packed with a variety of flavours from raspberry, passion fruit, lemon and caramel. All flavours that pack a powerful punch to your sweet tooth. Soon as the sandwiches and desserts were gobbled down, The tea was served with the Scones and mince pies next. It would have been nice for the tea to be served with the afternoon tea sandwiches however this maybe because we didn’t mention anything and we could have had the option. A very generous pot of tea that gave me 3/4 cups of tea and our waiter also mentioned if we want any more to just ask. The scones were just the right texture and size, not like some mutilated scones you see in some places, I found they were also not that heavy on the stomach so I could eat a scone at peace and not be struggling for breath to fit it in my gob. A variety of sized mince pies that were same as the scones not too heavy and very delicious.

The staff are very knowledgeable, before tucking in our waiter who was very lovely explained to us what everything on the afternoon tea stand was, what was in it, what flavours, what would taste best with what drinks. I honestly don’t know how they remember everything, but it was very impressive. The staff add to the experience here, high-class service at its best, they are so attentive and really will go out there way to help customers out.

In conclusion, The Edgbaston is a stunning experience for all to experience at any time throughout the year not just at the festive season. A no brainer to sugar lovers however to non-sugar lovers you may be left craving a bit more savoury after the experience has finished. That is the only negative I would say, there are not enough sandwiches but that tiny negative is overshadowed by so much positivity as we all had a lovely afternoon and really enjoyed it at The Edgbaston.

The Edgbaston is an experience you will find nowhere else, The food, the service, and the staff is second class to none. It truly is a high class independent that will always have a sparkling future ahead in Birmingham.



  1. Ugh I feel like I was literally there with you, thanks for all the amazing imagery and detail! One thing I’ve heard when it comes to traveling to that side of the world is that you can’t leave without having a spot of tea so I’m definitely adding this to my list of must see places.
    So happy you had a grand experience, thanks for sharing!
    xo B


  2. I’ve never heard of the Edgbaston but now I want to see it as I love art deco. And as for the food, I’ve had to go and bake some cakes as I’m now so hungry after reading your post. Thanks so much for telling us about this place.


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