Not the best start to 2020 as I am currently suffering from the flu and then my asthma decided to come back being bitchy and all with me, so I am 99% rotting right now. So what do you do when your ill and feeling sorry for yourself? You get yourself on and book yourself a getaway, Christmas in Amsterdam here I come! Okay so I got a long time to wait but its something to be excited about as last year I went to Amsterdam for the very first time and fell in love. Real love, the kind of love you would give your last beer battered chip and miss an episode of Love Island for. Sorry lads but my heart belongs to Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam. Blue unicorn bread, rainbow coloured hot dogs and burgers that look and taste like well, burgers? It is the best vegan food I have ever had and of course, I would book a trip to the Dam just for that baby. Not only is it amazing for food but Amsterdam has a lot to offer, culture, architecture, the people, the art…I could literally go on all day but I thought I would post a photo diary of my trip to Amsterdam last year instead for you all to understand why me and my camera fell in love with this beautiful City.

Please ask away if something has caught your eye and you want to know more! I would 100% recommend Amsterdam it’s a city where you simply can not run out of things to do and is beautiful any time throughout the year. There is still so much that I havent done in Amsterdam so I cant wait to go back and tick them off my to do list!


Along the Canals
Amsterdam Canal Central
You’ll find the famous Fault in our Stars bench here.
If you know…you know.
A Swanky stay in The Tyre Hotel
With a cute coffee bar right on our doorstep.
Overload on sugar is essential here in Amsterdam.
Peace & quiet- PLUK Amsterdam
For all you healthy & happy people out there- PLUK Amsterdam
ATTENTION floral obsessed people- Polaberry Amsterdam
Those famous strawberries in chocolate can be found here.
So can these unicorn cake slices!
MOCO Museum- Banksy Exhibition extended till April 2020
Only Banksy…
View from Moco Museum looking out onto Rijksmuseum
Various exhibitions at Moco Museum
Cute house on a cute street.
Street leading to Vondelpark
A dazzling Afternoon tea at Mama Kellys.
Anne Frank.
View from Vondelpark.
Canals and more canals.
Posh kids in Vondelpark
Just another cute street.
Boat ride on the canals.
Oh hello love.
Ladies & Gents I give you…Vegan Junk Food Bar
Thank me later…



  1. Wow, brilliant collection of amazing photos, loved every single one! Amsterdam is such a beautiful city to explore and photograph, can’t wait to go back one day to see more of it. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva


  2. These photos are absolutely stunning! I want to visit Amsterdam at some point anyway but this has made me want to go even more. I’m going to Japan in October and we stop off at Amsterdam on the way, if only I could just nip out to have a quick look!

    Alice xx


  3. These pictures are so beautiful. I am desperate to visit Amsterdam, I was hoping this year but I think I need to save my pennies for the wedding, maybe a little mini-moon is needed x


  4. I wanted to go to Amsterdam when I went to London and Paris with my husband a few months ago 😦 but we only came for a week and already didn’t have enough time to see everything in both places. I definitely want to come back and go to Amsterdam for once and for all!

    Hannah the Mad Dog


  5. I am absolutely mesmerized by these photos! It looks like you had an incredible time and I’ve got ALL of the travel envy right now. Amsterdam has been on my bucket list for so long! xx
    El //


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