Come on through Roxy Ball Room, another brand new addition to Digbeth that is guaranteed to be a popular attraction for all in Birmingham. Located on Heath Mill Lane just right next door to Birdies bar and just round the corner from Digbeth Dining Club, Digbeth is thriving lately with more independents and attractions opening up every month, so why not throw another one into the mix hey?! I was invited to the launch night of Roxy Ball Room, a venue offering a variety of thrilling games for all to enjoy. From bowling, beer pong to arcade games, there’s plenty to explore in this adult version of Disneyland.

Arriving at 6.15 pm the venue was already getting packed out, the sound of bowling strikes, the clinking of glasses and the cheers from groups of people already enjoying themselves and its only 15 minutes into opening time?! The venue is pretty big offering a good selection of games that are spread out on two floors. The ground floor offers bowling, arcade games, bar and a few beer pong tables whereas upstairs offers more games such as ping pong, pool tables, shuffleboards and well, even more beer pong! Right next to the bar on the ground floor is the games desk where you would book your games.

The bar offers a variety of craft beers, wines and flashy cocktails, with all that on offer we pulled the basic bitch move, glass of prosecco, please! The first thing that caught my eye when you walk into Roxy is the Arcadian basketball machines. Pumped up to shoot some hoops, like an absolute klutz I spilt my prosecco over the machine-For god sake, you silly bugga Amy. Filling up with embarrassment as I had only been here no more than 15 minutes, one of the staff members came out of nowhere advising me not to worry, cleaned up the prosecco and then like a knight in shining armour brought me another prosecco with a smile within a minute, now that’s a bloody good service right there.

After shooting some hoops we made our way to the games desk and booked the bowling, straight away we were offered a lane. The game was set up already for us and also a staff member was there ready and waiting for any drinks or food orders. It’s £8 per person per game which is cheaper than my local. The bowling is just good solid fun, I haven’t played bowling in years and the thought of juggling heavy balls for the night doesn’t really excite me, but I absolutely loved it. My friend and I were howling with laughter, I managed to pull it out of the bag and get myself a strike, however, being all “Billy big balls” from my strike, soon landed me in the gutter and losing the game. Now, If you don’t fancy bowling there is plenty of fun-filled games to get that competitive streak out of you! Why not fancy a bit of beer pong? Balls, Brummies and booze? Now that’s a cocktail I’ll have any time of the day.

Talking of cocktails, there is a variety on offer behind the bar from signature cocktails, craft beers and for groups, they provide drink packages for reasonable prices. For those who fancy a quiet night (lolz) or still participating in “Dry January” there is a good selection of mocktails and soft drinks on offer. The service is pretty sharp here, I didn’t wait long at all to order a drink (2 minutes) and being a 5 ft 1 girl, the struggle is real when ordering a drink at the bar. Again the customer service was fantastic, very friendly and accommodating.

Now on to the food, from baked to perfection pizzas to naughty dripping burgers on offer to satisfy your taste buds or to help soak some of that alcohol up Pal. The pizzas are delicious but dangerous, as Laura and I found ourselves drooling over the bar a couple of times watching the chefs bake even more pizza and signalling them to feed us more. The portions differ, if you’re not feeling that hungry you can always opt for snacks such as cracked pepper chips and Mac N Cheese bites. Roxy also offers vegan and gluten-free options, these are highlighted on the menu. The prices are spot on for the portion and quality of food you get.

Another fantastic attraction that fits in perfectly in Digbeth with its industrial “Ready Player One” interior, Electric vibes flowing throughout and Birmingham artwork honouring the city with Birmingham icons such as Ozzy Osbourne and Mike Skinner. This playground for adults is guaranteed to give all a bloody tip-top time. The prices are reasonable, the staff are fun and attentive to gamers and the atmosphere is buzzing. The only negative I would say about Roxy Ball Room is that all good things must come to an end and I didn’t want the night to end, you could balls it all up and still have a bloody awesome time in there. Round up your crew and head on down to Roxy Ball Room in Digbeth, it’s time to put on that game face and get your ballz wet Babs!

Thank you for the invite and welcome to the Digbeth family, Roxy Ball Room. To many people Roxy will be right up their alley. This place is guaranteed to become a Brummie gem in months to come.



  1. Ooooh this looks amazing! I never really venture out to Digbeth save for Mama Roux, but I love all of the lights and the arcades. I’m really glad that you had a lovely time there!


  2. This looks incredible! I wish I lived closer this would be the perfect date night or a great night out with friends.


  3. Wow this looks amazing and great fun, I love the interior and the food looks and sounds amazing from your pictures and writing, proper good grub and great atmosphere so early? What more could you want, another one to add to the Birmingham bucket list!


  4. Oh wow, this place looks lovely. And the food looks so much better than expected. I’m such a big fan of light up bowling alleys!


  5. Oh Amy! I can’t believe you spilt drink on the machines! That did make me laugh.

    This looks like a lot of fun and you’re right, the bowling is much cheaper than a normal place!

    I think it is about time that the man and I booked ourselves a night in Digbeth x


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