It’s been a while since I last visited this medieval market Town, my last visit I can recall being smacked in the face by butterflies, smelling what only can be described as “shite” through holes in the wall (in some bizarre Museum) and having to be dragged out of charity shops because I couldn’t stop buying ugly jackets. I haven’t exactly created a perfect picture for Stratford-upon-Avon however this visit is definitely a bit more appealing, I promise! My best friend and I decided to go for a bit of a girly day out, featuring a hell of a lot of banging bites, booze, and bitching…What do you expect? We are Girls…

Oozing history, beautiful architecture, and fabulous independents, and let’s not forget about the generous offering of attractions for families, great boozers for the tired parents, and picturesque parks for those who just want a bit of peace of quiet. Yes, Stratford-upon-Avon is the perfect day out.The Town Centre is just under a 10-minute walk from the station, and a lovely walk it is with medieval architecture, flowers in bloom, and fantastic shops to do a bit of window shopping.

When we arrived we were feeling a little bit peckish so we headed to The Cornish Bakery on Henley Street, a lovely little Bakery that is well presented offering a selection of pastries and hot drinks that you can take away or dine outside in their outdoor seating area (currently no seating inside due to Co-Vid) I went for a Cornish Pastie with sweet potato and feta, god it was beautiful. The coffee tasted great and the staff there are generally very friendly there A great start!

We next went for a little walk around the Town, down some quiet streets full of pretty doors that you would see plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest. The weather was so hot, literally was gasping for a drink every five minutes so we thought…BEER. We headed to The Rose & Crown pub (Part of Greene King pubs) which is a lovely traditional pub with quite the quirky outdoor seating area with a cool-ass barn in the back. very spacious, great drink selection (especially Ales) and a relaxing atmosphere, no old rowdy men here. The pub also serves food which we didn’t order but looked great, its dog-friendly, Table service, and all CO-VID measures are in place, so I felt very safe in there. I went for quite the large Abbott Ale that went down a treat.

Next, we went on another walk around the town popping into some independents, brought a gorgeous vintage bag from Razzle Dazzle in The Courtyard which is a beautiful quirky little vintage shop with very appealing prices! full of vintage attire, jewellery, and I also spotted a few hideous jackets that I just bloody adore. Stratford-upon-Avon is home to a lot of amazing Bakery independents such as York’s, Daisy blue, and MOR Bakery. I hear the Cruffin’s at MOR Bakery are out of this world so of course, I had to pop in and order one. I wouldn’t say they are out of this world but my god, they are out of this bloody UNIVERSE! Say hello to peanut butter and jelly cruffin. Inside MOR Bakery was pretty busy however they now have a take-out hatch where you can order take out coffee and bakes such as cruffin’s!

For lunch, we decided to go to The Fourteas on Sheep Street which is a beautiful 1940s tea room, if you are a lover of all things vintage you will love it here! Tuck into an afternoon tea surrounded by 1940’s decor accompanied by 40’s music. We sat outside on a beautiful little terrace outside that definitely came in handy in this heat! Feeling quite full from the ale, I decided to go for a light lunch opting for the frittata Zenios with chorizo and feta cheese. A very tasty dish that just did the trick of filling me up and giving me the energy to venture on yet another walk around the Town! I clocked the afternoon tea on the table behind us that looked pretty good so when I next come to Stratford it would be lovely to try it out!

We went for a walk around the River and I have to say as it was such a lovely day it was pretty packed. Full of families, couples, and so on, but all were keeping to social distancing rules. We did want to hire a boat however the queue was just way too big and waiting in this heat was not something I wanted to do. We sat on the bank of the river and admired the beautiful scenery.Most of the museums were shut but it didn’t really matter because there was still plenty to do and plenty of things to try…like more alcoholic beverages?

Onto the next pub, which is the very popular Actors pub called Dirty Duck, known to be popular with some of the theatre’s Actors/Actresses (They have a wall in the pub with all the actor’s pictures who have visited The Dirty Duck) The front was pretty packed out but they had a quiet little beer garden at the back in which we soaked up the sun in sipping on some Pimms! The service was great, the staff were very friendly and kudos to them for creating a safe environment to eat/drink in. Very popular pub so you may want to book a table before you visit!.

On the way back to the train station we popped into a few more independents and quite frankly some bizarre shops such as the all-season Christmas shop. The Harry Potter shop is a must-visit for true Harry Potters fans full packed full of HP merchandise for you to get your hands on even your very own wand! We walked past Shakespeare’s birthplace which was pretty impressive to see but, of course, we couldn’t go in due to Co-vid.

All that was left was a 40-minute train ride back to Birmingham! A day well spent trying out new independents, cooling down with booze, and soaking up the sun looking out on beautiful surroundings. Please see the list of independents/pubs we tried out below and if you would like to know any more information please just comment below!

The Cornish Bakery

Rose & Crown Pub

MOR Bakery

The Fourteas

Dirty Duck

Amy Eliza


  1. You did a great job with the pictures and words from your visit. Makes me want to visit myself. Thanks for posting!


  2. Your pictures are amazing! I really want to visit Stratford upon Avon and reading this has made me want ro go even more. Definitely on my UK travel destination list 🙂 thanks for sharing.


  3. I adore Stratford Upon Avon!!! When i visited I bought the all inclusive Shakespeare tickets and went to all 5 places. Outside his house was some amazing actors doing scenes from his plays and I sat watching them for such a long time. I am a really big Shakespeare fan and it was one of the best days out I’ve had. we had lunch in the cutest cafe and there are so many gorgeous little shops there. The charity shops were excellent and also the adorable peter rabbit shop and harry potter shops opposite Shakespeare’s musuem. Overall an amazing day. Also your photos are stunning!!!


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