WARNING: Some Seriously New High Fashion Food Coming Your Way This Summer/Autumn.

Introducing Pinch of Masala -POM- A family-run catering company in Smethwick who cater for weddings and events but unfortunately was hit hard by the pandemic, looking for ways to get business back on track they decided to offer a new takeaway service across Birmingham. This is one takeaway service that stand’s out from the rest, I can assure you. I was gifted a free meal of my choice in exchange for my views. I posted quite a few photos on Instagram and you were all gagging for a full review so here it is, expect nothing less than 5-star service and food from Pinch of Masala.

Pinch Of Masala have a website where you can order your food [here] once accessing the website you’ll realise straight away that this is not your typical Indian takeaway! Full of colour and beautiful photography, A website that is very easy to navigate around and what I love about the ordering process is that POM provides photos of all the food on the menu so you know what to expect. You can book delivery on the day or in the next couple of days which is fantastic if you are having a little gathering and inviting your friends round!

With such a large selection of meat, vegetable, and vegan dishes I did just want to order the whole menu! A Fantastic menu for all and also for vegetarians and vegans, loads to choose from! Also people with allergies there is an allergy guide on the website telling you about all the dishes and what they contain, which will come in very useful. They also have set menus, and offer dessert and BEER!


Masala Fried Prawns
Jackin’panko wings

Main (Feeds up to two):
Palak Gosht (Lamb and Spinach)
Butter Chicken

Chilli Cheese Naan
Plain rice
Mixed vegetable pilau rice
Garnish tub

I was going to be sharing between three people so I thought this was plenty! I chose a 7 pm time slot and my food arrived at 7pm in which, from all the way from Smethwick to Sutton Coldfield was very impressive. I met the owner Dinesh who was so friendly and passionate about his business, full of positively and was just so lovely to meet. What caught my eye straight away was the most fashionable takeaway bag I had ever seen! compared to a Selfridges kind of style (but way better) I knew straight away that POM are not playing when it comes to standing out. Another impressive point was that the food came in containers that are made from plant fibre and recycling plastic! great for those who want to look after their environment and it just makes the food look a lot more appealing using these containers instead of those hideous plastic 20P boxes.

I have to say, from coming all the way from Smethwick to Sutton Coldfield and opening the lid of the food seeing the heat rise made me gasp, I just didn’t think it would be hot and ready to be served so it was such a surprise, it was like taking it out of the oven there and then. Straight away this takeaway was screaming high quality to me, The packaging, the food, this takeaway is definitely different to my down the road Indian takeaway I usually go for.

The masala fried prawns tasted perfect and very similar to Dishooms Prawn Koliwada dish, they may look small but these guys pack a powerful punch of spice however combined with my mint yoghurt dip I tamed them down a bit! Prawns were cooked very well and also went well with the little salad garnish.
Onto the Jackfruit wings, a favourite for vegans! one portion gives you 5 pieces in which they are quite big and my god, tasted lovely! There’s also a little surprise in the middle [Wink Wink]

The butter chicken with the pilau rice, a little bit on the sweet side but I like sweet and it tasted so bloody good! Chicken cooked to perfection, and sauce for days! Such a tasty dish that even when finished we were all craving more!

Now I don’t usually go for lamb curries because every time I’ve have done the lamb has just been way too tough to eat so I thought I would put POM to the test and oh my, they passed with flying colours alright! Lamb was perfect, couldn’t fault it at all, every piece (I was hogging on to it…) was nice and tender. Accompanied by the mixed vegetable pilau rice this was defiantly my favourite dish! The portions of the curries were perfect and very generous, shared between three there was still a bit of curry left for even a fourth person!

The Chili Cheese Naan was BANGING! full of chilli and all the cheesy cheese you need for those sweet dreams….or nightmares. Accompanied by the garnish tub and a bit of mint yoghurt, pure joy!

The poppadoms came with a variety of sauces such as mint sauce and mango chutney, A must of course with any curry! We ordered one portion which is two poppadoms in eight pieces and that was also the perfect amount for sharing.

In conclusion, This has been one of the best takeaways this year, definitely the best Indian takeaway I have had and definitely the most stylish takeaway! Very generous portions of food that is packed full of flavour that is cooked to perfection. POM has a wide variety on offer that will tempt you to challenge yourself and try something new, and yes, it’s absolutely worth it! If you fancy something a bit different to your basic chicken tikka masala and garlic Naan then I would definitely recommend to push the boat out with POM, A fantastic new takeaway service that will no doubt in my mind will go far in Birmingham and beyond.

Delivery is Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to 10pm you can opt for delivery or pick up, they also are available on the Deliveroo app. There is a postcode checker for delivery that you can check to see if they deliver to you and also displays the fee, POM would like to mention if you live too far then you can also give them a call and they can see what they can do.



  1. Damn that looks so good and now I want to eat butter chicken (and I already had dinner… maybe tomorrow?).
    It’s always awesome to find new great take away places. There’s an Indian restaurant in my town that I’m looking forward to checking out soon.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Love, Tea


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