Well, it looks like we don’t have to travel far to get into the festive spirit this Christmas with the newest addition to Sutton Coldfield, introducing Silver Tree Bakery. Now, you may recognise the name as throughout lockdown I was none stop ordering from them, from essential groceries to the lockdown treats such as cream tea, Silver Tree was an absolute lifesaver not just for me but for many who live in Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas.

Located in the heart of Sutton Coldfield, Silver Tree is a catering company, catering for events and weddings throughout Birmingham, they then turned to local heroes delivering essential groceries and treats to people in lockdown and now they have become shop owners. I was delighted for them when they announced they will be opening up a Bakery in Sutton Coldfield, and now seeing the Bakery open during the pandemic, seeing people enjoying themselves and the business thriving already, I am over the moon for them.

Located on Water Orton Lane in Minworth you will find this quirky, Scandinavian style wooden chalet accompanied with fire pit, picnic benches, and faux fur throws. A little bit of Lapland in Sutton Coldfield, We didn’t ask for it but now realised how so badly we needed this especially this time of year with the pandemic, there was not one miserable pout insight!

There is a queuing system and of course, social distancing rules put in place, as you enter the bakery there is more seating however due to Tier 3 restrictions, the seating can not be used. You can grab breakfast sarnies, cakes, bakes coffee and more, and toast your tootsies too on the fire whilst munching away on some awesome food, It’s absolutely delightful. ⁣ There is also the option for click & collect on their website here where you can also order hampers and desserts such as lemon drizzle cake and Bakewell tarts.

Hot drinks are also on offer at the bakery, I opted for a cappuccino and it was a beauty alright, I spotted a few fancy hot chocolates some of the kids were tucking into however I thought scrapping with a six-year-old is not how I would like to end my year, plus, the six-year-old was way taller than me, I didn’t have a chance.

The cakes and bakes are amazing, especially the cinnamon bun, crikey, I could kick myself just for picking up one! Before I even made it into the bakery, a man stepped out and announced to the queue “The sausage rolls are the best around” so of course, I ordered two and I can confirm, That they are indeed, the best sausage rolls around…boar off Greggs.

The staff are so lovely here, I had the pleasure of meeting some of them in lockdown and it was great to meet them again and hear they are doing so well already. Smiles all around, and you can tell they are proud of their bakery, I would be to, it’s wonderful and the positivity of the staff here just make it even more wonderful.

Not just for kids, but for the whole family, Silver Tree Bakery is a must-visit for all. It was lovely to see people come together (social distance of course) enjoy good food, have a coffee and just to feel a bit of normality! The Bakery is perfect, put together so well and is just so festive, it’s impossible to not get into the Christmas spirit here. ⁣Congratulations to you all and I wish you the very best with the Bakery, I am sure it will thrive here in Sutton Coldfield.

Open from Wednesday to Sunday
Wed-Fri: 8AM to 6PM
Saturday: 8am to 4PM
Sunday: 9AM TO 2PM






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