I don’t venture out to Harborne that often as I’m on the other side of Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) but it has always intrigued me. The amount of independents flooding to Harborne like it’s some sort of DisneyWorld for foodies had me a tad jealous the past few months and so I vowed to go there one day in July. Of course, it neared the end of July and I had totally forgotten about it until I visited The Botanical Gardens and searched for places to eat nearby. Sat at the top of my Google search was Estado da India, it was finally time.

Please note that this experience was NOT gifted, and this is my honest opinion.

Located on a busy road it the centre of Harborne, Estado Da India is a Portuguese-Indian restaurant brought to you by the highly successful Lasan Group. Celebrating a union of two cultures, they sell a variety of tapas-style sharing plates bursting with flavour, colour and spices. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and super cosy, my partner and I both admired the artwork and the many dedications to the Portuguese and Indian cultures. Our server was lovely and very helpful, although she was new and couldn’t answer all of our questions, she tried her best to give us as much information and as many recommendations as possible.

James and I opted for the following dishes: Iberian lamb ribs, Morcela Potato, Lemon rice, Chicken Espetada, Duroc Pork Belly, Tomate Naan and Masala Fries. We waited around 10-15 minutes and all dishes came out at the same time. My first impression was that the dishes were a little on the small size, even for tapas. I looked up at my 6 ft 6 chap and thought, he’s going to be starving after this! I was wrong – the dishes are very filling. I struggled in the end to finish the last of the naan but my god, was the food delicious. Like fireworks going off in my mouth. Rich and punchy flavours and waves of spice, and everything just worked so well together.

The lamb ribs were my favourite, garnished with tangy tamarind chutney and the meat was so succulent it just melted in the mouth.Masala fries were crunchy and full of spice. The lemon rice was a refreshing partner to all the spices kicking off in my mouth and the pork belly was also sensational. The chicken espetada was very nice but would have preferred to have two portions instead of just one for £5.25. Now we all have different appetites, some bigger than others so of course, the portion sizes are not going to work well with everyone and especially big groups. As a couple, we didn’t experience this but I can see some diners raising this as an issue as they may not want to spend more money on buying more small dishes. I would suggest around five dishes each, we went for less and it worked but for those who are feeling very hungry, I would recommend five.

The bill came to £41, £20.50 each for dinner is not bad, actually it’s very good! Usually, for tapas I pay around £40-£50 for less than satisfying food so really, Estado Da India was an absolute bargain. Estado Da India ticked all the boxes for me, so much variety on offer here that of course, we will have to go back for a second visit. Many will be spoilt for choice and there were plenty of vegetarian and vegan options which was great to see! When eating out I want a menu to enrapture me and Estado Da India’s menu certainly did that. It’s worth the journey from Sutton Coldfield and it’s worth many more journeys. Estado Da India delivers on so many levels and is one restaurant that should be on everyone’s list to try out this Summer.

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