Another day, another new restaurant in Brum. This time it’s Sri Lankan street food chain The Coconut Tree. It boasts a strong fan base with outlets in Cheltenham and Bournemouth and after my visit to their latest restaurant, I can see why…

You’ll find the Coconut Tree sitting comfy in a two storey building on Gas Street. As I walk up the stairs, I’m hit with Island vibes and splashes of rustic Birmingham charm featuring some enjoyable graffiti pieces. James and I sat opposite a vibrant bartender who really contributed to our Sri Lankan experience. The Coconut Tree is made up of small/large tapas-style Sri Lankan dishes with vegan and veggie options a plenty, but first… cocotails! 

Please note that this experience was gifted, and this is my honest opinion.

I am a sucker for a good cocktail or shall we say ‘cocotail’, especially in a cute AF elephant jug. I can hear you screaming basic bitch reading this! The Drunken Sri Lankan features Ceylon Arrack, turmeric infused Cointreau, fresh lime and ginger beer, but does it taste as good as it looks? HELL YES! All I need now is the sun and the beach to complement a fully stocked Tiki bar and our fantastic bartender. James’ Sriki-Tiki was like a bonfire night display…thank god I didn’t wear my cheap Shein wig. Sriki-Tiki is made up of Captain Morgan Gold rum, Mahiki Coconut rum, raspberry, pineapple and lime. They were both a fantastic introduction to The Coconut Tree, now we are excited.Service is sharp here and staff are attentive. The whole menu was explained to us and we were asked our preferences of spice, sweetness etc. We ordered around eight dishes and was advised that should be enough…






EGG HOPPER (V) (GF) 4.50



Most of the dishes were quite small, and when we first looked at our food, we thought no way will this fill us up but actually, it did. Everything went so well together, the Pineapple Curry with the Kotthu, then scooped up in a parotta roti (which may I add maybe some of the best roti I have had). Ah it was blissful! To pick a favourite dish is seemingly impossible as I just couldn’t stop licking my lips and ignoring the groans of my stomach shouting at me to calm my tits and slow down eating, but I just couldn’t stop…I am addicted to The Coconut Tree.

If I had HAD to choose it would be The Egg Hopper, which to me was a bit of a bizarre dish at first but I had heard soo much about it, I just had to have it. Basically it’s a bowl shaped coconut milk pancake served with coconut sambol, caramelised onions with a hint of cinnamon, and Sri Lankan salsa. An absolute must-try and again, it went perfect with our other dishes. The Pineapple Curry was sweet and seductive, I couldn’t help mixing it with every dish and the Kotthu was packed full of flavour. Price wise it’s very reasonable and the quality is right up there.

Food went down a treat and we thought let’s celebrate with another round of cocktails, so this time we ordered The ST.Colombo (Tanquerary Gin, Elderflower, and Lemon Soda) and Yaka (Don Julio, 100% Blue Agave Tequila, Lemon, Mint & Honey) another triumph and after four smashing cocktails, The Coconut tree has moved into my top five places for cocktails in Birmingham. They are incredible. Please note they do 2 for £10 or 2 for £12, depending on the cocktail. Staff are great here, really hands on deck. There is just this great positive vibe throughout The Coconut Tree and that’s what I loved, we really enjoyed all the staff members singing along to the music whilst shaking their cocotails, made me want to get up and join in!

All I can say is Thank god, THANK GOD for The Coconut Tree coming to Birmingham, what a win for Birmingham and win for me especially as its just around the corner from my flat. This could be dangerous for the gut, I already made a name for myself “Bab about Belch”. I could be getting myself into some real trouble here but when the food is this good, I couldn’t care less! Bring on the gas!

Authentic, full of flavour and fun throughout, The Coconut Tree have certainly brought the spirit of Sri Lanka to Birmingham. They did it perfectly, Book now for cocktails and a good vibes meal with friends.


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