8 things I discovered in 2019 in Birmingham

2019 was the year of discovery and finally venturing out into the world on my own. It was nice on Sunday to sit back and flick through all my photos from 2019 and seeing the drastic changes through imagery from the start of the year to the end of the year. I have learnt a few things about myself, but I have learned more about the city I live in, Birmingham. There is always going to be something new around the corner of this buzzing city whether it be a new venture, a new role model or a new Cronut. It’s crazy to think years ago I wanted to move out of Birmingham and move to London which would be such a bad move as 

  1. It’s not so much I don’t like people its the fact that I don’t like being surrounded by so many of them…
  2. I hate the tube, everyone’s running in and out of the train like they need the toilet and have chronic diarrhoea
  3. You have to pay every time you use a toilet or you have to pay for tap water…Christ, these are dark times we are living in.

Now I feel Birmingham is my home and I want to finally settle down here and be comfortable. I look forward to another year of discovery in my city but let’s just have a look back at the couple of things I discovered/did in 2019 in Birmingham.


Our Birmingham bakers have gifted us the gift of the gods and they are called Cronuts. These little minxes come from The Medicine Bakery in the City Centre. They are baked to perfection, they are crispy and packed full of delicious filling that just oozes out creating a sensational mouth orgasm. Apologies for the pornographic chat, but take it from me, they are better than sex. Unfortunately for me, I introduced my mom to them so now every time I am in Birmingham which is 90% of the time I have to visit the Medicine Bakery and buy her a Cronut. I think she feels the same way too…


last year I found myself going to Digbeth a lot more as I was doing a lot of blogger/model photoshoots in that location. I have found over the year that Digbeth just seems to grow bigger and better each year with more unique venues bursting with creativity and fun for all. Digbeth has become one of my favourite places to photograph, I can photograph kids, families, couples, bloggers and even dogs! The background is unique, its edgy, different and it makes my photos stand out. The place is crawling with not only photographers but videographers, music artists making their music videos, painters/graffiti artists, models and TV/film crews. Whether it’s a quiet sit down with a coffee at Kanteen or a buzzing night out with friends indulging in a variety of cuisines at Digbeth Dining Club, Digbeth caters for all and It’s kicking Shoreditch’s arse, period.


If you like Pina Coladas and awesome music, frigging delicious street food, palm trees, and well, a free holiday where you don’t have to get on a plane and pay the extra luggage fee, then escape to Birdies in Digbeth. This has become one of my favourite places in Birmingham to go out, day and night, its Birmingham’s very own tropical paradise. A place for all ages to mix and mingle over a cocktail, listen to some banging music ( Fleetwood Mac, Phil Collins, Catfish and the Bottlemen)and pretend they are on holiday for just a couple of hours. Intrigued? I did a review of Birdies back in October on the blog so check it out!


Last year I encountered my very first Gay Pride, it was full of colour, kissing, bondage and DRAG. Watching the parade and the number of people that came out to support and cheer on the people that were taking part was incredible to see. The costumes, the people and the zero fucks given is what I absolutely love about Gay Pride. It’s wild, it’s colourful and its ME! so it’s now become a tradition that I must go to Gay Pride every year with my glitter and my boobs.


Last year we saw the photography community grow even bigger in Birmingham, more people entered the photography game last year and it’s great to see so much support for photographers. I see so many Birmingham social accounts like hotels, newspapers & magazines, independents and lifestyle blogs sharing photographers content daily and it offers so much exposure for that photographer. A couple of times last year I was finding my photography everywhere I was clicking on social media, I would see people commenting on my photos and tagging other people which is insane as I remember at the beginning I was so petrified to share my content to anyone! It gives you the push and the confidence we need to continue in this tough industry. I hope this year the photography community continues to grow and help promote our talented photographers.


2019 was the year I went to Snobs, god, it hurts so bad to call this place “Snobs” because it’s not the shithole we used to know. Snobs never played pop music, it wasn’t full of 10-year-olds and it was never snobby, the staff can clearly see you are not 10 years old so you just get a load of weird glares behind the bar. Snobs was the place where our parents would get engaged, it was acceptable to be a sweaty mess and we would have to get friends to unstick our feet from the floor. Ah sweet memories, RIP Snobs, there will never be anyone like you again


So last year I was thrown into the world of dick pics, ghosting and “This is my friends” dog pics, an uncomfortable combination but that’s ONLINE dating for you. I can’t remember the last time I dated so, of course, I didn’t know what to expect. It could be a nice casual date at Yo Sushi or a date where I end up blindfolded in the back of a boot of a Ford KA (That’s my mothers warning words) but I did it. I tried dating and even though I did it when I didn’t feel ready to do so, I have no regrets. I enjoyed my dating experience of 2019, it helped to build my confidence, I got to meet a variety of characters, I went to many new places and I saw a lot of things [please insert dick jokes here]


Don’t you just hate it when you see a blouse you like in a high street store like Topshop for £35 and you go into an independent or a charity shop and find something that is exactly the same or even better quality for less than half of the price? This is the ultimate tit twitcher. So last year I stopped shopping at the High street big brands and started to shop at independent shops. I found so many beautiful independent shops not just in Birmingham but around the Midlands that I can buy clothes, accessories and gifts for family & friends. I just feel the high street is pulling the wool over us shoppers eyes a lot in regards to prices and I am sick to death of wasting £100 on just 3 items! so last year I managed to save myself a lot of money (est of £600) from just boycotting the high street and giving my money to the independents that need and DESERVE it more. We all know that it ends up on eBay or the charity shops after two months of it being in the shop anyway…


19 thoughts on “8 things I discovered in 2019 in Birmingham

  1. Such a lovely post. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying where you live and can now call it your home, that’s so important. I’ve never visited Birmingham but I’ve heard some fantastic things. I’m sure it’s incredibly different from Plymouth where I currently live.

    Kate | thelittlecrunch.co.uk


  2. I honestly can’t believe I’ve still not made it to the bakery!

    Although the wedding dress diet is very pleased that I haven’t. Maybe I’ll wait till next year…..

    Your photography blows me away every time!


  3. It looks like such an amazing city! I can’t wait to visit, I especially want to visit digbeth street now I’ve seen your photos and the cronuts look AMAZING!!! Another great post!


  4. All of these pictures are so lovely! I’ve had cronuts previously and they are delicious – online dating though, so glad I skipped out on that. Birmingham through your eyes looks lovely.


  5. Great photos, your blog has inspired me to visit some new places in Birmingham including the bakeries. Digbeth sounds similar to place I go to in London called Leake Street Tunnel, I really like it there for the colourful and quirky location.


  6. Argh yet again you’re giving me serious city-envy! I love reading about all the places you go to in Birmingham and all the things you try out. But my God, Cronuts??? They look absolutely bloody incredible.
    I’m planning a visit in Easter with my kids. You make me want to visit so badly!
    Also, I completely agree about how people get on/off the tube but you put it into words that will make me chuckle every time I visit London now 😂


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