Say HOLA! to real Authentic Mexican cuisine courtesy of Good Food Cartell right here in the Midlands. Serving Mexican food that is full of flavour, made with the freshest ingredients out of a truck at The Hearsall Inn Pub in Coventry on Craven Street. The Owner Michael invited me down to try out some of the food and was served a warning to ” not eat too much on the day” and boy was he right, an absolute fiesta de agrietamiento was waiting for us!

Now when it comes to Mexican food I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan but that’s because I have always been let down when I have had Mexican food. It’s always been a solid “No” or “It’s just okay” it has never had my full attention and the only time it has was when I was in San Diego in 2010 in the Mexican village. Nothing has come close until I tried Good Food Cartel which exceeded my expectations and has certainly got me excited again for Mexican cuisine.

The first dish was the tacos 3 for £9 or 6 for £16, bursting with colour complete with appealing garnishes and a mouth-watering aroma’s. Full of tangy sauces, shots of spice and fresh ingredients packed into a soft blue corn tortilla that is gluten-free. Fillings included chicken, cow, pig, jackfruit and cactus? Yes, cactus, and believe it or not this was my favourite filling as a non-vegetarian I preferred this to the meats. It does have a unique taste to it but I found it went beautifully with the garnishes and tangy sauces.

The second dish was the Elote £3.00 which is cooked corn on the cob covered with lime juice, cheese, honey mustard mayo and chilli mix. Tangy, Sweet, and FUCK (Yes I am going to swear in this review) it was unbelievable. I believe this is Good Food Cartel’s secret weapon because on the outside it just looks like fancy corn on the cob but the inside…Wow, its MIND-BLOWING. I don’t blame you for reading this review and thinking Amy mate, it’s corn on the cob? But honestly guy’s, this little guy blows my mind. The flavours are incredible and weirdly enough, it has that sweet taste which to me, oddly reminds me of ice cream.

The third dish was the Cow Burrito-Beef brisket £8.00 with guacamole and Pico de gallo. Beautiful and full of flavour, and not messy! I can’t stand a messy burrito where it all falls out the bottom or goes soggy. Very filling but not too much, just right.

The fourth dish was the Quesadilla’s £7.00, fillings included Cow, Pig, Chicken, Jackfruit or cactus. Toasted beautifully with plenty of cheese, full of flavour and was just another mouth-watering dish that took my breath away. My favourite topping I would have to say is the Al Pastor pork shoulder that just worked beautifully with the chipotle sauce dipped into the guacamole and sour cream.

⁣The fifth dish was Nachos £4.50, Full of layers Babs, plenty of corn Tortilla chips that pack an epic crunch combined with fresh guacamole, salsa, and sour cream smothered in melted cheese. Fantástica!⁣

All washed down with BOING Guava Juice which is a natural fruit beverage made from Guava that was refreshing and a great cleanser after such a massive feast.

This was the first Mexican meal that I have had in years where I have not felt disappointed. Good Food Cartel serves up incredible food that is bursting with flavour, made with the freshest ingredients and isn’t charging silly money such as £15 for a Burrito. Great value for money and the portions are very generous for how much you are paying, the set of 6 tacos for £16 is superb! Shared between two we felt satisfied and there was still four more dishes to go!

Michael is fantastic, full of knowledge and LOLS, he entertained us through out our feast. He really looked after us and it was very interesting to hear his story of starting up Good Food Cartel at the start of lockdown.

FINALLY, I have discovered real Authentic Mexican food that I love. The only problem is that I love it so much that I am having GFC blues! I really do hope to see them over in Birmingham this year but if not, It is definitely worth the trip down to Coventry.
Thank you so much for inviting me down and congratulations to Good Food Cartel for creating something very special in lockdown for people to enjoy and making me finally fall in love with Mexican food.

You will find Good Food Cartel at The Hearsall Inn on Craven Street in Coventry. They will now be offering table service from Monday to Sunday and you will need to book your tables here at Please show your support and give Good Food Cartel a follow on socials





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